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The Real World Ikea Play Video

The Real World Ikea

108 months ago 235,153 32

This is the story of 5 strangers who were chosen to live in an Ikea. To fin...

Blame Halo 3 Play Video

Blame Halo 3

108 months ago 564,041 1

Halo 3 brings a lot of guys a lot of enjoyment. But what we dont realize is...

Amazing Drum Tenor Solo Play Video

Amazing Drum Tenor Solo

108 months ago 814,398 8

Tim Jackson performs what has to be seriously one of the coolest drum solos...

10 stair head smash Play Video

10 stair head smash

108 months ago 340,609 23

A skater takes a massive ten stair drop but completely messes up his timing...

Cool Bar Trick Play Video

Cool Bar Trick

108 months ago 708,495 64

This is a pretty cool bar trick. Some dude places a piece of paper between...

Biker Gets Clipped By Car Play Video

Biker Gets Clipped By Car

108 months ago 376,400 1,578,757

A dude on a motorcycle gets clipped by a car that pulls out right in front ...

Chicken Box Scare Play Video

Chicken Box Scare

108 months ago 234,857 5,094,447

Giant chicken suit, check. Big stack of cardboard boxes, check. Unsuspectin...

Runaway Quad Disaster Play Video

Runaway Quad Disaster

108 months ago 305,353 39

This little kid keeps yanking the chord on his quad until all hell breaks l...


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