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Water Gushes Onto Highway Play Video

Water Gushes Onto Highway

112 months ago 1,181,506 5

I have never seen anything like this before. In the middle of the night a ...

Kicked In The Nuts Play Video

Kicked In The Nuts

112 months ago 581,015 2

This guy waits for his buddy to come home...guess what happens next (see ti...

Snowmobiler Misses Jump Play Video

Snowmobiler Misses Jump

112 months ago 755,175 6,543,252

This has got to be the worst snowmobile jump I have ever seen. He misses h...

Failed Car Jump Face Plant Play Video

Failed Car Jump Face Plant

113 months ago 529,495 1,593,576

This kid tries to jump over a car and ends up getting caught up at the top ...

Dude Passes Out Playing Pool Play Video

Dude Passes Out Playing Pool

113 months ago 1,570,767 7

This guy had a little too much too drink while playing some pool with a cou...

Some Angry Astronauts Play Video

Some Angry Astronauts

113 months ago 615,369 449,490

Ok I am definetly not saying this dude trying to get the interviews isnt cr...

Vasectomy News Report Play Video

Vasectomy News Report

113 months ago 783,979 3

What was suppose to be a serious news report on male vasectomys turned out ...

Homemade Flame Thrower Play Video

Homemade Flame Thrower

113 months ago 626,615 2,107,296

Nothing like a little home made flame thrower to start your weekend off rig...

The Wig Thieves Play Video

The Wig Thieves

113 months ago 200,942 449,526

A short film starring Nick Swardson, Jon Farley, Owen Benjamin, Jordy Fox, ...

Get Out Of My Bed Play Video

Get Out Of My Bed

113 months ago 652,300 6,655,406

Ive actually been in this same situation before, its late and all you want ...

Break Gallery CXXXII Play Video

Break Gallery CXXXII

Break Gallery 132!!! We have upped the ante on the babes in this one and al...

Hilarious DUI Test Play Video

Hilarious DUI Test

113 months ago 997,364 26

This is a very funny DUI test. I love how half way through when the guy re...

Swat Training Backfires Play Video

Swat Training Backfires

113 months ago 1,188,487 4

Members of the Indiana State Emergency Rescue Team are taking part in a SWA...

The Sound Of Llama Love Play Video

The Sound Of Llama Love

113 months ago 480,435 998,977

Ever wonder what it sounds like when two Llamas get together and make sweet...

Coitus Advice From A Sexpert Play Video

Coitus Advice From A Sexpert

113 months ago 387,306 1,947,916

Having trouble with the ladies? Well Eugene the coitus expert has some very...

Girl Knocks Out Guy Play Video

Girl Knocks Out Guy

113 months ago 1,550,125 9

Oh man, this is not a moment you want the whole world to see. A girl reache...

Stop Motion Dance Off Play Video

Stop Motion Dance Off

113 months ago 759,549 2

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we solved all disputes through stop...


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