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Planters Cashews Ugly Chick Play Video

Planters Cashews Ugly Chick

106 months ago 303,722 12

I actually thought this commercial for Planters Cashews was really funny.

Career Builder Firefly Play Video

Career Builder Firefly

106 months ago 135,425 13

Wishing wont get you a better job. Career Builder Super Bowl commercial

FedEx Carrier Pigeons Play Video

FedEx Carrier Pigeons

106 months ago 125,738 101

FedEx carrier pigeons Super Bowl commercial.

Audi R8 Godfather Parody Play Video

Audi R8 Godfather Parody

106 months ago 138,967 184

Audis clever parody of the classic dead horse scene from The Godfather. Thi...

Say Goodbye To Football Play Video

Say Goodbye To Football

Thanks to the NFL for another great season, but especially for all of the l...

Kosher Boy Play Video

Kosher Boy

106 months ago 129,111 40

I thought this was going to be stupid but it actually was a very funny spoo...

Backflip Off Chimney Play Video

Backflip Off Chimney

106 months ago 256,176 43

This guy does a backflip off a chimney landing perfectly in the sand below ...

Shes Screwing Matt Damon Play Video

Shes Screwing Matt Damon

106 months ago 591,439 2

Hilarious song by Sarah Silverman, where she announces to her boyfriend Jim...

Tazing Chewbacca Play Video

Tazing Chewbacca

106 months ago 491,825 693

Some guy turns into Chewbacca when as he gets tazed for the first time.

Crank Dat Curry Sauce Play Video

Crank Dat Curry Sauce

106 months ago 261,970 1,308

Crank Dat Curry Sauce. And mango juuuuuuuiccce!....

Chris Berman Loses His Cool Play Video

Chris Berman Loses His Cool

106 months ago 314,580 4

During an taping of Monday Night Football Chris Berman goes a little nuts b...

Tom Brady Superstar Play Video

Tom Brady Superstar

A couple guys here thought this video was hilarious. Curious as to what ev...

Flying Kick To The Head Play Video

Flying Kick To The Head

106 months ago 482,601 1

This guy wins a fight that he didnt start and as he backs away from the los...


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