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The Jeep Waterfall Play Video

The Jeep Waterfall

112 months ago 629,242 715,894

A professor named Stephen Pevnick created this incredible Jeep waterfall pr...

Bat Vs Face Play Video

Bat Vs Face

112 months ago 752,411 1

This girl winds up, swings, and sends the bat flying into her friends face....

United States Border Patrol Play Video

United States Border Patrol

112 months ago 1,068,390 8

You guys got to check this out. Watch how many people get out of this van ...

Football Player Runs Into Kid Play Video

Football Player Runs Into Kid

112 months ago 794,208 2

A football player catches a touchdown and slams into a four year old kid st...

Skater Faceplants Off Wall Play Video

Skater Faceplants Off Wall

112 months ago 478,929 2,954,028

This skater jumps off a wall and lands face first onto the concrete landing...

Spray Paint Can Explosion Play Video

Spray Paint Can Explosion

112 months ago 408,709 898,168

These guys blow up some spray paint cans and get some awesome explosions in...

Funny Mario Fail Play Video

Funny Mario Fail

112 months ago 1,440,916 5

Funny Mario videos are common but a 12 minute epic is rare. This incredibl...

The Many Faces of Google Play Video

The Many Faces of Google

112 months ago 528,495 2

This is a pretty cool compilation of a bunch of the holiday logos Google ha...

A Country Girls Tribute Play Video

A Country Girls Tribute

112 months ago 2,569,737 22

I nearly skipped over this video at first but then a couple lyrics caught m...

Drinking Smoke In A Glass Play Video

Drinking Smoke In A Glass

112 months ago 703,345 6

These guys teach us how to drink smoke from a glass. A little belated 420 v...

Treadmill Stunts Play Video

Treadmill Stunts

112 months ago 728,491 9

Some crazy kids put together a sweet video by using just using a treadmill,...

Ashley Judd In Bug Play Video

Ashley Judd In Bug

112 months ago 645,916 1

We saw this trailer and wondered how much we would need to pay to be stuck ...

Failed Office Prank Play Video

Failed Office Prank

112 months ago 640,500 1,552,359

In comedy timing is everything, thats especially true when you are trying t...


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