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Trampoline Dunk Gone Bad Play Video

Trampoline Dunk Gone Bad

116 months ago 657,275 2,794,292

Alright, we posted this video about 5 months ago but somehow it got deleted...

The Chasers Airport Security Play Video

The Chasers Airport Security

116 months ago 454,176 226,188

My favorite Australian TV hosts The Chasers test a frequently ignored aspec...

Ron Kind Campaign Ad Play Video

Ron Kind Campaign Ad

116 months ago 447,904 4

Let me just say that we here at Break have no interest in who represents Wi...

Dude Catches Tossed Knife Play Video

Dude Catches Tossed Knife

116 months ago 949,320 498,449

Amazing video of a dude that catches a knife in mid-flight from a professio...

How To Impress Chicks Play Video

How To Impress Chicks

116 months ago 1,074,504 364,590

This dude tries to impress a couple of chicks as they sit next to a window ...

Sophie Howard Gallery Play Video

Sophie Howard Gallery

A short but sweet gallery of Sophie Howard. With Jordan getting a breast re...

Train Vs Guy On Moped Play Video

Train Vs Guy On Moped

116 months ago 1,251,037 13

I know we've all wondered what would happen if a moped and a speeding train...

Guinness Evolution Ad Play Video

Guinness Evolution Ad

116 months ago 463,151 1

I know this ad isn't brand new but I just saw it for the first time yesterd...

A Perfect Bellyflop Play Video

A Perfect Bellyflop

116 months ago 612,475 5

This dude tries to do a two and a half flip dive. I suppose two and a quar...

Pelican Tries To Eat A Pigeon Play Video

Pelican Tries To Eat A Pigeon

116 months ago 811,040 1

Check out this pelican that thought he would snag a pigeon for a snack. Th...

Transformation of a Model Play Video

Transformation of a Model

116 months ago 1,079,085 1

This is a kinda interesting clip on what a model looks before a shoot and t...

Very Painful Face Plant Play Video

Very Painful Face Plant

116 months ago 1,144,798 4,939,836

This looks like one of the most painful failed flip attempts I have ever se...

Drag Racing Filmed at 1000 fps Play Video

Drag Racing Filmed at 1000 fps

116 months ago 1,327,709 14

A high quality slow motion camera films drag races at 1000 frames per secon...


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