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Youth Pastor FCC Prank Play Video

Youth Pastor FCC Prank

110 months ago 782,462 3

These guys visit the same youth pastor who slipped up during his sermon dis...

Shock Collar Test Play Video

Shock Collar Test

110 months ago 568,687 2,692,961

In order to get $5 back that he lost in a bet, this kid agrees to put on a ...

Youth Pastor Messes Up Sermon Play Video

Youth Pastor Messes Up Sermon

110 months ago 483,179 2,983,472

A youth pastor tries to say pitch a tent during a sermon but messes up the ...

High Speed Faceplant Play Video

High Speed Faceplant

110 months ago 335,506 2,164,161

This guy comes speeding down a steep hill and hits a jump hard sending him ...

US Sniper Nearly Gets Hit Play Video

US Sniper Nearly Gets Hit

110 months ago 1,331,543 2,785,726

A US Sniper is looking over a rooftop wall in Iraq when a bullet misses him...

Custom Embed Player Demo Play Video

Custom Embed Player Demo

110 months ago 215,759 972,566

Today Break is releasing the webs first ever customizable embed player so y...

Jim Cramer CNBC Meltdown Play Video

Jim Cramer CNBC Meltdown

110 months ago 496,972 1,217,131

Jim Cramer from CNBCs Mad Money has a total meltdown last week after the st...

Dude Gets Bit By Large Spider Play Video

Dude Gets Bit By Large Spider

110 months ago 1,991,487 17

This dude got bit by a large spider but ignored it for a couple days until ...

Snowmobile Drag Race Wipeout Play Video

Snowmobile Drag Race Wipeout

110 months ago 286,247 932,294

Pretty cool footage from this dudes helmet cam of a snowmobile drag race (m...

The Price Is Not Even Close Play Video

The Price Is Not Even Close

110 months ago 1,181,774 1,450,536

Listen to Joses answer on showcase showdown when he is asked to bid on a co...

Bush Worried About New Threat Play Video

Bush Worried About New Threat

110 months ago 405,495 2,484,308

President Bush is worried about a new threat to America and is asking congr...

Biker Slams Into Cameraman Play Video

Biker Slams Into Cameraman

110 months ago 440,659 1

Check out this footage from the X-games of a dude hitting big air but landi...


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