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Obstacle Course Fail Play Video

Obstacle Course Fail

102 months ago 262,354

These kids build an obstacle course on their driveway and this dude takes a...

Girlfriend Completely Owned Play Video

Girlfriend Completely Owned

102 months ago 575,994

Girlfriend goes out for a smoke and ends up getting completely owned. This ...

Dude Cries On Slingshot Ride Play Video

Dude Cries On Slingshot Ride

102 months ago 631,709

This guy takes a date to an amusement park and starts to cry because the sl...

Warehouse Sprinkler Accident Play Video

Warehouse Sprinkler Accident

102 months ago 429,202

Hilarity results when this warehouse worker accidentally sets off the sprin...

Braking A Little Too Hard Play Video

Braking A Little Too Hard

102 months ago 378,237

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that I think this guy slammed on th...

Medicine Ball To Face Play Video

Medicine Ball To Face

102 months ago 444,423

This dude is being taught a medicine ball workout and he ends up nailing hi...

Pogo Stick Dismount Goes Bad Play Video

Pogo Stick Dismount Goes Bad

102 months ago 302,608

No matter how bad this guy could of thought the dismount might go it couldn...

The Boxing Cat Play Video

The Boxing Cat

This new fighter is gonna be great, he's got cat-like skills and reflexes.

Little Girl Owned By Swing Play Video

Little Girl Owned By Swing

102 months ago 335,945

This little girl wanders unsuspectingly behind her big brother on a swing a...

Motorcycle Crash Play Video

Motorcycle Crash

102 months ago 723,054

Can you tell that this is John's first time on a motorcycle? It's also his ...

Break Gallery CCV Play Video

Break Gallery CCV

Break Gallery #205!!! It's that time of the week again peoples, when we giv...

Swiss Helicopter Crash Play Video

Swiss Helicopter Crash

103 months ago 308,349

The problem with helicopters is there's no such thing as losing a little bi...


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