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Truly Amazing Blind Kid Play Video

Truly Amazing Blind Kid

116 months ago 1,187,571 4

This video is about a blind teenager that has overome many obstacles. He ca...

Pulling Teeth With A Wrench Play Video

Pulling Teeth With A Wrench

116 months ago 383,648 467,798

I guess this is what happens when your job doesnt give you dental benefits....

Code Red Commercial Play Video

Code Red Commercial

116 months ago 532,629 335,511

These guys tell their friend that they are going to film a mock mountain de...

Really Quick Shave Play Video

Really Quick Shave

116 months ago 697,245 2

This guy has figured out a really fast way to get shave using axe deodorant...

Teen Steals Car Play Video

Teen Steals Car

A fifteen year old runaway steals her parents car and is being chased by th...

McDonalds Drive Thru Song Play Video

McDonalds Drive Thru Song

116 months ago 822,647 3

We were bored, so we decided to sing our order at the drive thru at a local...

Ten Thousand Coin Dominoes Play Video

Ten Thousand Coin Dominoes

116 months ago 650,364 317,412

This must of taken an insane amount of time to set up. Dominoes suck enoug...

Soccer Ball Takes Down Kid Play Video

Soccer Ball Takes Down Kid

116 months ago 815,402 1

A defender in a soccer game takes a direct shot from the ball knocking him ...

Hot Chick Getting Into Shower Play Video

Hot Chick Getting Into Shower

116 months ago 3,398,170 10

Some dude films a smokin hot chick undressing and getting into a shower fro...

Drunk Kid Pissed Himself Play Video

Drunk Kid Pissed Himself

116 months ago 818,501 2

After a heavy night of drinking in the dorms, this drunk kid passed out in ...

Opie & Anthony Intern Owned Play Video

Opie & Anthony Intern Owned

116 months ago 510,238 22,264

Craig the intern says it's impossible for him to throw up after spinning ar...

Corvette Explosion Play Video

Corvette Explosion

116 months ago 470,151 1,529,852

A $95,000 custom Corvette bursts into flames at the race track. Man he didn...

Trick Soccer Penalty Kick Play Video

Trick Soccer Penalty Kick

116 months ago 1,400,788 2

Check out this penalty kick. Looks normal at normal speed but watch as he ...

Van Slams Into Parked Cop Car Play Video

Van Slams Into Parked Cop Car

116 months ago 643,933 910,413

A runaway van slams into a parked cop car at a speed of at least 50MPH. Wa...

Giant Hornets Vs Bees Play Video

Giant Hornets Vs Bees

116 months ago 1,192,409 1

This is a pretty cool clip of a couple giant hornets attacking some bees. I...

Older Brothers Suck Play Video

Older Brothers Suck

116 months ago 883,948 3

I hope this kid grows up and kicks the crap out of his older brother.

Asian Boy Heart Broken Play Video

Asian Boy Heart Broken

116 months ago 1,030,034 5

A little asian boy is all excited to give flowers to his crush. Unfortunate...


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