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America Rules England Sucks Play Video

America Rules England Sucks

102 months ago 965,245

Take a moment to remember that America rules and England sucks. If you lik...

Croatian Woman Beat Up On TV Play Video

Croatian Woman Beat Up On TV

102 months ago 560,439

A Croatian woman goes on TV to condemn gay marriage bit forgets to first ch...

Break Gallery CCVII Play Video

Break Gallery CCVII

Break Gallery #207!!! Time to get a little fired up for this rocking weeken...

Hands Free Safe Drivers Play Video

Hands Free Safe Drivers

102 months ago 590,977

California is the latest state to require hands free use of cell phones whi...

Little Kid Breaks Arm Play Video

Little Kid Breaks Arm

102 months ago 590,286

I seriously don't know what to say about this clip except, WTF? This kid a...


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