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Awesome Scare Montage Play Video

Awesome Scare Montage

100 months ago 574,544

Start your spooky night right with the last of our three Halloween vids of ...

Drunk Dude Painfully Shocked Play Video

Drunk Dude Painfully Shocked

100 months ago 179,875

We don't recommend doing home improvement stuff after a few beers, unless y...

Moron Falls Hard Car Surfing Play Video

Moron Falls Hard Car Surfing

100 months ago 640,337

When there aren't any waves, the idiots go car surfing. Watch what happens ...

Poor Old Lady Faceplants Play Video

Poor Old Lady Faceplants

100 months ago 435,846

Somehow, this woman loses her balance, and that leads to a very funny yet s...

An Important Lesson on Boobs Play Video

An Important Lesson on Boobs

100 months ago 1,026,689

This is a very educational video on how to view big chests in the wild. Thi...

Break Gallery CCXXXIX Play Video

Break Gallery CCXXXIX

Break Gallery 239 may be the largest gallery ever. Tons of awesome pics, an...

Kid Bounces Face Off Ramp Play Video

Kid Bounces Face Off Ramp

100 months ago 195,674

This kid gets big air off his home made ramp but then finishes with a rough...

BMW Rolls Out Of Parking Lot Play Video

BMW Rolls Out Of Parking Lot

100 months ago 211,057

This guy forgot to put his new BMW in park and as he walks into work his ca...

Shower Prank Play Video

Shower Prank

100 months ago 367,852

This dude decides to prank his girlfriend in the shower with a cold glass o...


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