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Backyard Dancing Body Slam Play Video

Backyard Dancing Body Slam 64 months ago

This guy is dancing with some chick at a backyard party and tries to pick h...

F15 Strike Eagle In Max Climb Play Video

F15 Strike Eagle In Max Climb 64 months ago

This pilot films himself taking off in an F15e Strike Eagle and reaching 4 ...

Girl Robot to Model in Japan Play Video

Girl Robot to Model in Japan 64 months ago

Love bots could soon be a possibility, now that Japan finally has a humanoi...

South African Cement Throwing Play Video

South African Cement Throwing 64 months ago

Anyone who has worked with cement before knows that it would take an incred...

The Rapping Flight Attendant Play Video

The Rapping Flight Attendant 64 months ago

Sick of the same old pre-flight routine? Listen to this guy's rhyming feats...