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Human Super Soaker Play Video

Human Super Soaker

107 months ago 662,354 1,280

This guy is the human super soaker. I thought he was using some sort of hid...

Shrimp Running On A Treadmill Play Video

Shrimp Running On A Treadmill

107 months ago 568,048 239

I dont know why I liked this one it just looked funny to me to see the litt...

Girl Owned By Escalator Play Video

Girl Owned By Escalator

107 months ago 835,349 620

After a long day of holiday shopping at a department store this girl is exh...

No Sh** Sure Lock Play Video

No Sh** Sure Lock

107 months ago 1,861,593 6

I am not sure if this ad is real or not but either way its one of the best ...

I Dont Speak No English Play Video

I Dont Speak No English

107 months ago 371,603 399

A group of soldiers stop to ask a guy for directions. He doesnt understand...

Kid Owned By Revolving Door Play Video

Kid Owned By Revolving Door

107 months ago 472,763 2

Kid jumps into a revolving door after his buddy gets it turning at an extr...

Pacman Christmas Tree Play Video

Pacman Christmas Tree

107 months ago 369,064 200

Im not sure where this video was taken but I thought this thing was pretty ...

Inward Flip Does Not Go Well Play Video

Inward Flip Does Not Go Well

107 months ago 335,261 135

If there are any Olympic scouts out there you may want to pay attention to ...

How the French Army Trains Play Video

How the French Army Trains

107 months ago 428,787 528

This leaked video shows how Frances most elite special forces trains for ba...

Zapped Play Video


107 months ago 450,727 4

Some idiot thinks he is Bob Villa and can do his own home repairs. Turns ou...

Drunk Table Slide Goes Wrong Play Video

Drunk Table Slide Goes Wrong

107 months ago 439,265 1

Drunk kid decides he wants to to a table slide on the kitchen counter top. ...

Lucky Camera Man Play Video

Lucky Camera Man

107 months ago 210,352 121

Got to give this cameraman some credit for having a pretty steady hand as a...

Break Gallery CLXVI Play Video

Break Gallery CLXVI

Break Gallery #166!!! Get ready to have your socks blown off, we have the b...

Incredible Field Goal Block Play Video

Incredible Field Goal Block

107 months ago 546,673 274

The linebacker literally jumped over the offensive line just as the ball is...


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