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She Gives Blondes A Bad Rep Play Video

She Gives Blondes A Bad Rep

114 months ago 1,467,001 5

Wow. This chick takes the blonde thing to a whole new level. Listen to he...

The Ultimate Cure For Shyness Play Video

The Ultimate Cure For Shyness

114 months ago 638,237 14

This clip is friggin hilarious. Its a spoof for a tequila ad and it explai...

Rally Car Clips Camera Man Play Video

Rally Car Clips Camera Man

114 months ago 437,612 1,153,116

Some dude is filming a rally car race and he gets clipped by one of the car...

Evolution of Video Games Play Video

Evolution of Video Games

114 months ago 791,222 1

Its pretty sad that I think I can name about every single game in this vide...

Real World Annoying Paperclip Play Video

Real World Annoying Paperclip

114 months ago 466,854 5,015,111

Everyone who has a PC has been very annoyed by that damn pop up paperclip. ...

Mcdonalds Drive Through Rap Play Video

Mcdonalds Drive Through Rap

114 months ago 1,104,255 5,295,327

I need a double cheese burger and hold the lettuce dont be frontin son no s...

How To Keep Drunks Off Camera Play Video

How To Keep Drunks Off Camera

114 months ago 1,046,102 224,367

Some chick tries to interrupt a reporter outside of an Ohio State game. Th...

Ref Takes Down Fighter Play Video

Ref Takes Down Fighter

114 months ago 1,495,472 2,120,056

This is awesome. This dude gets his butt kicked and then after the fight t...

Svenska Picking Up Soccer Balls Play Video

Svenska Picking Up Soccer Balls

114 months ago 826,080 1,788,584

This is a incredible clip of Svenska picking up a few soccer balls on the f...

Urban Ninja 2 Play Video

Urban Ninja 2

114 months ago 713,732 6

About two years ago we posted a video about a ninja struggling to make it i...

Snow Boarder Face Slam Play Video

Snow Boarder Face Slam

114 months ago 416,195 127,003

A snowboarder comes off a jump awkwardly and lands had on his mouth. Hopefu...

Unicycle Trick Play Video

Unicycle Trick

114 months ago 485,462 1

Its hard enough to ride a Unicycle let alone one that 12 feet high. This d...

Bunk Bed Wedgie Play Video

Bunk Bed Wedgie

115 months ago 897,516 1

First a bunker buster missile, now a bunk bed wedgie. Both look very painfu...

Bunker Buster In Slow Motion Play Video

Bunker Buster In Slow Motion

115 months ago 1,220,422 2,236,682

This is really cool slow motion footage of a bunker buster missile. Wouldn'...

Bubba Dancing At Home Game Play Video

Bubba Dancing At Home Game

115 months ago 397,201 621,239

Good old Bubba is celebrating the first few points of his teams home game. ...

News Woman Faints Play Video

News Woman Faints

115 months ago 911,916 1,159,791

A female news anchor faints in the middle of a broadcast and pretty much br...


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