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Pressure Point Knockout Play Video

Pressure Point Knockout

101 months ago 832,954

An instructor demonstrates how to perform a knockout using a pressure point...

Camel Carries Car Up Hill Play Video

Camel Carries Car Up Hill

101 months ago 107,369

I always figured camels were probably strong but it is impressive to see on...

X-Games Front Flip Failure Play Video

X-Games Front Flip Failure

101 months ago 264,258

Jim DeChamp attempts a front flip on his bike at this years X-Games.

Why Older Brothers Suck Play Video

Why Older Brothers Suck

101 months ago 352,243

When I was growing up I always wished I had an older brother, but then I se...

Touch Tone Phone Symphony Play Video

Touch Tone Phone Symphony

101 months ago 335,999

People with too much time on their hands can accomplish amazing things.

Need an Alibi? Play Video

Need an Alibi?

101 months ago 264,458

Next time you need an alibi call these guys...

Failed Suicide Play Video

Failed Suicide

101 months ago 450,976

This dude is having a bad day. He finally decides to end it all and jump o...

The Bull Jumpers Play Video

The Bull Jumpers

101 months ago 273,708

These guys are awesome and probably far more entertaining then the actual b...


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