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Game Show Dumb Luck Play Video

Game Show Dumb Luck

104 months ago 718,896 6

These are a few older game show clips where the contestants had no clue as ...

Awkward Moment with Grandma Play Video

Awkward Moment with Grandma

104 months ago 430,927 9

When you combine the elderly with new gadgets awkward moments like this are...

Little Girl Falls Off Stage Play Video

Little Girl Falls Off Stage

104 months ago 417,783 721

Something tells me this oblivious little girl is not valedictorian of her p...

Jeep Runs Over Two Spectators Play Video

Jeep Runs Over Two Spectators

104 months ago 212,047 1

During a race a Jeep jumps over a hill and hits one spectator and then comp...

100 MPH Line Drive Off Head Play Video

100 MPH Line Drive Off Head

104 months ago 485,398 2

Notre Dame baseball pitcher Wade Korpi takes a line drive off the head. Th...

Kid Pranks Mother Play Video

Kid Pranks Mother

104 months ago 408,782 81

This kid pranks his Mom and tells her he got a girl pregnant. Got to love ...

Blow Dryer Filled with Powder Play Video

Blow Dryer Filled with Powder

104 months ago 667,173 6

Our April prank video bonus sent these guys into an all out prank war. In t...

Model Falls Through Runway Play Video

Model Falls Through Runway

104 months ago 422,571 1,588

Not sure if that's a model or if it's the actual designer either way some d...

Chain Surfing on Street Play Video

Chain Surfing on Street

104 months ago 473,301 2

Chain surfing sounds like it is either going to be painful or stupid. It's ...

Hi-Speed Motorcycle Chase Play Video

Hi-Speed Motorcycle Chase

104 months ago 325,826 138

This is a pretty cool hi-speed motorcycle chase through crowded city street...

Two Moms Fail At Spring Break Play Video

Two Moms Fail At Spring Break

104 months ago 809,634 121

Two Moms show up at a Spring Break party in Cancun and try to party with co...

Student Builds Paintball Tank Play Video

Student Builds Paintball Tank

104 months ago 717,347 8

This kid got tired of getting his butt kicked at paintball so he built a re...

Water Balloon Prank Play Video

Water Balloon Prank

104 months ago 579,267 1

I'm not impressed that much with a simple water balloon prank. What impres...

Tazer Rigged to Chair Play Video

Tazer Rigged to Chair

104 months ago 663,468 8

This guy rigs a tazer to his roommate's chair in order to get back at him f...


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