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Dog Is Bad At Playing Dead Play Video

Dog Is Bad At Playing Dead 78 months ago

This dog is trying to play dead but he has one dead giveaway. Can you figur...

The History of LOLCats Play Video

The History of LOLCats 78 months ago

Historian Ben Burrns brings us through this history of LOLCats. Did you kno...

Cutest Laughing Baby Ever Play Video

Cutest Laughing Baby Ever 78 months ago

This giggling baby has the best laugh ever. Almost makes up entirely for al...

5 Foot Shark Caught By Hand Play Video

5 Foot Shark Caught By Hand 78 months ago

This guy thinks he is the second coming of the crocodile hunter and pulls a...

Halloween Gallery Play Video

Halloween Gallery 78 months ago

Just a couple days left to get your Halloween pics in and win some big cash...

Rambo Play Video

Rambo 78 months ago

John Rambo assembles a group of mercenaries and leads them up to a Burmese ...