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Head Vs Windshield Play Video

Head Vs Windshield

93 months ago 369,243

This crazy dude smashes his head seven times against a car windshield. He ...

Russian Vodka Tricks Play Video

Russian Vodka Tricks

93 months ago 333,431

A couple of Russian guys throw shots at each other and catch them. I thoug...

Most Awesome Rednecks Play Video

Most Awesome Rednecks

Rootin tootin redneck fun on this Most Awesome - from ATV wipeouts in the m...

Break Gallery CCCX Play Video

Break Gallery CCCX

Break Gallery 310 is so packed with awesome pictures, your face might explo...

Can Launched Into Guys Face Play Video

Can Launched Into Guys Face

93 months ago 180,457

Once again the timing on this firework is perfect. Just as the guy goes to...


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