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Street Fight In Fallujah Play Video

Street Fight In Fallujah

105 months ago 804,475 9

This is raw footage of US led forces engaged in a massive fire fight in dow...

ATV Flip Does Not Go Well Play Video

ATV Flip Does Not Go Well

105 months ago 332,197 1

Some guy attempts to see how much air he can get on his ATV while his frien...

Igniting A Christmas Tree Play Video

Igniting A Christmas Tree

105 months ago 152,794 1

I actually tried this 4 years ago. I figured I could save the 20 bucks the...

Never Give Up Play Video

Never Give Up

105 months ago 272,782 1

This is the latest trailer for the new Rambo movie coming out. Not only is...

How To Build A Homemade Taser Play Video

How To Build A Homemade Taser

105 months ago 482,646 9

This kid shows how to build a taser gun using a disposable camera in about ...

Excercise accident Play Video

Excercise accident

105 months ago 466,382 3

Do these exercise balls ever work right? Why do the stores keep selling the...

Star Wars Coming to America Play Video

Star Wars Coming to America

105 months ago 552,822 33

Someone has brilliantly mashed up Star Wars and the Eddie Murphy movie Comi...

Psycho Lady In Coffee Shop Play Video

Psycho Lady In Coffee Shop

105 months ago 585,154 2

What is the friggin deal with coffee shops? In the last few months we have...

Golf Cart Crashes Into Biker Play Video

Golf Cart Crashes Into Biker

105 months ago 299,727 36

This biker had to be flying in order to catch up to the golf cart at the bo...

Busted For Lip Syncing Play Video

Busted For Lip Syncing

105 months ago 508,142 1

This is great. A dude is singing in front of a crowd and falls off the edg...

Refrigerator Scare Prank Play Video

Refrigerator Scare Prank

105 months ago 1,101,893 6

Some dude hides in a refrigerator and scares the hell out of his buddy. Ma...


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