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Mooooooooove! Play Video


122 months ago 106,945 68,223

Rally car gets surprised by a cow in the middle of the road. This reminds m...

Bike Falls Apart On Jump Play Video

Bike Falls Apart On Jump

122 months ago 143,000 223,052

Man this guy get's it bad twice. He blows the landing and has to buy a new ...

Message In A Bottle Play Video

Message In A Bottle

122 months ago 54,344 4

A father and son travel to the ocean to share a family tradition. His messa...

Survey Says Youre Stupid! Play Video

Survey Says Youre Stupid!

122 months ago 123,622 13

Africa? Europe? I can't decide which country I admire more. Asia's a great ...

Mexican Stage Dive Play Video

Mexican Stage Dive

122 months ago 143,284 780,824

This Mexican crooner takes a mean dive off the stage during a concert. I lo...

Awesome Homemade Hovercraft Play Video

Awesome Homemade Hovercraft

122 months ago 108,463 414,604

Check out this sweet homemade hovercraft. These guys rule! Someone's gotta ...

Easy Way To Catch Fish Play Video

Easy Way To Catch Fish

122 months ago 286,081 1

Forget holding a fishing pole for hours at a time. Why would you do that wh...

Dirt Bike Full Frontal Flip Play Video

Dirt Bike Full Frontal Flip

122 months ago 147,191 4

This guy must have hit a rock or something because he stops on a dime and d...

Its The Final Countdown Play Video

Its The Final Countdown

122 months ago 243,484 5

We're teaming up with VH1 and Blender Magazine to find the world's most awe...

Girl Eatings Praying Mantis Play Video

Girl Eatings Praying Mantis

125 months ago 12,883,500 92

In order to get her friends to go to church she agreed to swallow this live...

Bus Crashes Play Video

Bus Crashes

144 months ago 373,684 2

A bus dodges a car and then begins to swerve out of control. This movie is...


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