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Huge Skater Slips and Splits Play Video

Huge Skater Slips and Splits

100 months ago 369,675

Even the big man himself knew what was going to happen at the bottom of the...

Office Guys Get Pwned Play Video

Office Guys Get Pwned

If your going to blow off the day at work then either go big or go home.

No Pants, Yes Beer Play Video

No Pants, Yes Beer

Meet a party girl who left her pants in Panama City and her morals at home.

Idiot Runs Into Door Play Video

Idiot Runs Into Door

100 months ago 154,712

This genius runs full speed down the hall of a dorm floor and smacks the co...

How Not To Jump Over A Bus Play Video

How Not To Jump Over A Bus

100 months ago 258,509

This dude tries to jump over one bus and land on another, but he does a poo...

Break Gallery CCXXV Play Video

Break Gallery CCXXV

Break Gallery 225! Another Wednesday and we put together another batch of g...

Kid Slams Back on Branch Play Video

Kid Slams Back on Branch

100 months ago 205,206

Tarzan this kid is not. Just stay away from jungles, forests, and any other...

Rally Car Swerves Off Road Play Video

Rally Car Swerves Off Road

100 months ago 376,446

When the driver realizes that the tape ahead of him is labeled 'Caution,' h...

Worst Backflip In History Play Video

Worst Backflip In History

100 months ago 288,118

This dude attempts a backflip off a bleacher, and it is by far the worst ba...

Man Vs. Fence Play Video

Man Vs. Fence

100 months ago 339,297

Clearly, the fence was better prepared for this battle. Even though the guy...

Lucky Roman Candle Shot Play Video

Lucky Roman Candle Shot

100 months ago 260,201

The shot placement was very lucky - but the dumb guy getting shot was unluc...

Guard Dog Surprises Robber Play Video

Guard Dog Surprises Robber

100 months ago 459,370

Some dude tries to steal money out of a cash register, but he is suddenly s...

Incredible Play At The Plate Play Video

Incredible Play At The Plate

100 months ago 720,225

This has got to be one of the most incredible plays at home plate I have ev...


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