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Forklift Slams Into New Car Play Video

Forklift Slams Into New Car

105 months ago 434,622 2

A forklift slams into the side of a brand new car as it pulls out of a gara...

Bird Craps In Reporters Mouth Play Video

Bird Craps In Reporters Mouth

105 months ago 769,666 147

Local news guy reports on the Canadian Brown Finch overpopulation in town n...

Worst Spiderman Ever Play Video

Worst Spiderman Ever

105 months ago 714,457 1,373

All these kids were so excited when they heard Spiderman was coming to thei...

Taser Sneak Attack Play Video

Taser Sneak Attack

105 months ago 513,406 75

Having seen the video on our homepage describing how to make a homemade tas...

Karate Dude Busts Hand Play Video

Karate Dude Busts Hand

105 months ago 605,511 514

I thought this was hilarious. This guy is attempting to break a record amo...

Break Gallery CLXXIII Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXIII

Break Gallery 173!!! Get ready to get your eyeballs blown by the coolest an...

The Perfect Kick Play Video

The Perfect Kick

105 months ago 541,780 1

While some little kid innocently plays on the swings this guy sets up the p...

Old Lady Craps In Store Play Video

Old Lady Craps In Store

105 months ago 564,718 785

We have a clean up on aisle 7, some old lady decided to take a crap in her ...

iPhone Guitar Hero- Play Video

iPhone Guitar Hero-

105 months ago 464,142 858

This is friggin awesome. This dude made software that turns his iPhone int...

The MacBook Pair: Get a Pair Play Video

The MacBook Pair: Get a Pair

105 months ago 139,816 27

On the heels of the highly touted MacBook Air, Apple Computers proudly intr...

Writers Guild Contest Winner Play Video

Writers Guild Contest Winner

105 months ago 87,864 74

Here is the winning entry from our Writers Guild on Strike contest. The vid...


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