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Break Gallery CXLVII Play Video

Break Gallery CXLVII

Break Gallery #147!!! Thats right, another festively plump array of the wei...

Lohan Pulls A Hasselhoff Play Video

Lohan Pulls A Hasselhoff

109 months ago 1,460,030 1

Lindsay Lohan the night before her most recent DUI arrest drunk and coked o...

Dude Grabs Reporters Butt Play Video

Dude Grabs Reporters Butt

109 months ago 479,285 216,470

Some guy walks by a news reporter while she is live on the air and grabs he...

Smart Cat Opens Front Door Play Video

Smart Cat Opens Front Door

109 months ago 208,865 610,402

This cat is left outside with the front door closed but he is trained to ju...

Hilarious Swat Team Prank Play Video

Hilarious Swat Team Prank

109 months ago 1,057,994 4

One of the best pranks Ive seen in a long time. A couple middle school boys...

Boat Slams Into Bridge Play Video

Boat Slams Into Bridge

109 months ago 286,052 495,952

A boat loses an engine and is dragged down the river into a large bridge co...

Nailed With Giant Soccer Ball Play Video

Nailed With Giant Soccer Ball

109 months ago 470,460 954,541

This guy calls his buddy downstairs to watch the game and nails him with an...

Pranker Pranked By Karma Play Video

Pranker Pranked By Karma

109 months ago 439,467 2

While trying to set a prank on his girlfriend this guy slips, hits his head...

Childproof Drawer Play Video

Childproof Drawer

109 months ago 573,945 15

If you have a baby and you dont feel like taking the time to childproof you...

The Habanero Play Video

The Habanero

109 months ago 848,207 5,917,846

A habanero pepper rates at between 200-300k scoville units which means they...

Kid Faceplants Hard After Jump Play Video

Kid Faceplants Hard After Jump

109 months ago 205,109 96,399

Some kid lands his jump on a skid loader and ends up flying off his handle ...

Obama Girls Vs Giuliani Girls Play Video

Obama Girls Vs Giuliani Girls

109 months ago 882,138 1

Until women are given the right to vote theyre gonna have to express their ...

Near Fatal Bridge Dive Play Video

Near Fatal Bridge Dive

109 months ago 759,264 2

A guy bungees off a 200 foot tall bridge in Alaska and smacks the ground at...

Choke Out By A Black Belt Play Video

Choke Out By A Black Belt

109 months ago 547,675 1,539,415

After absorbing a devastating kick to the face this poor guy gets slowly ch...

Kid Removes Hot Radiator Cap Play Video

Kid Removes Hot Radiator Cap

109 months ago 654,978 222,085

A chicks car overheats and this dude tries to fix it by removing the burnin...


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