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To Catch A Chris Hansen Play Video

To Catch A Chris Hansen

109 months ago 412,606 1

To Catch A Predator host Chris Hansen stops by the Opie and Anthony show an...

Dude Whacks Himself With Bat Play Video

Dude Whacks Himself With Bat

109 months ago 351,415 1,117,571

A couple guys are beating the hell out of a piano with baseball bats. The ...

Kamsutra! Play Video


109 months ago 7,132,134 24

TEST - The good people over at FHM have been kind enough to approach the an...

Canoe Long Jump Failure Play Video

Canoe Long Jump Failure

The Hamburgler Canoe Long Jump has been trying to get recognition as a real...

Hardcore Bike Crash Play Video

Hardcore Bike Crash

109 months ago 360,217 1

This guy goes off a big jump and does not land well. This resulted in a sev...

Pizza Man Hostage Prank Play Video

Pizza Man Hostage Prank

109 months ago 679,140 2

These guys tie their friend up like a hostage and order a pizza. The prank ...

Psycho Halo Kid Play Video

Psycho Halo Kid

109 months ago 1,003,826 2

Some kid in the post menu of a Halo game is an absolute psycho. This kid ne...

Skating Off The Roof Goes Bad Play Video

Skating Off The Roof Goes Bad

109 months ago 313,272 24

I think its safe to say that this skateboarding stunt does not go as well a...

Kicking Footballs Into Cars Play Video

Kicking Footballs Into Cars

109 months ago 596,108 1

These guys have invented a new sport called kicking footballs into moving c...

Air Freshner Can Explosion Play Video

Air Freshner Can Explosion

109 months ago 372,008 3

Some kid lights a can of air freshener on fire then whacks it with a piece ...

Dropped Third Strike Home Run Play Video

Dropped Third Strike Home Run

109 months ago 1,735,062 6

What a messed up play! The pitcher throws a strikeout but gets charged wi...


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