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Para-sailing Accident Play Video

Para-sailing Accident

103 months ago 281,932 155

This couple is on vacation in Turks & Caicos and get pulled down too hard c...

Yankee Fan Beats Red Sox Fan Play Video

Yankee Fan Beats Red Sox Fan

103 months ago 340,652 182

The best part of this clip is in the beginning. The Red Sox fan was actual...

Dock Jump Double Self Ownage Play Video

Dock Jump Double Self Ownage

103 months ago 454,712 189

Some guy attempts to fly clear off a dock landing in the water. It does not...

F*ck the Earth Day Play Video

F*ck the Earth Day

103 months ago 692,126 3

Earth Day is for liberal hippie douches. Here's the far superior alternativ...

Co-Worker Gay or Straight? Play Video

Co-Worker Gay or Straight?

103 months ago 338,938 2

Everyone has that co-worker who acts and dresses sort of gay but then insis...

Pavement Scrape Play Video

Pavement Scrape

103 months ago 331,663 3

I got to put a minor warning on this one. Even though it's obviously an il...

Airforce II Blows Media Away Play Video

Airforce II Blows Media Away

103 months ago 326,832 184

Although the Vice President's staff warned the media the blast from the pla...

BroSearch Episode 5 Play Video

BroSearch Episode 5

103 months ago 93,767 40

Chuck Geiger is back for the fifth and final episode of the first season of...

Dumb Woman Cop Busted Play Video

Dumb Woman Cop Busted

103 months ago 615,133 20

Some guy calling himself Jimmy Justice catches a woman cop parked in front ...

Bird Doesnt Like Being Kissed Play Video

Bird Doesnt Like Being Kissed

103 months ago 350,024 11

Some kid catches a bird with his bare hands then tries to force the bird to...

Car Hits Oil Slick At 150MPH Play Video

Car Hits Oil Slick At 150MPH

103 months ago 544,795 4

A dude films himself driving over 150mph on the highway when he hits an oil...

Paintball Prank Play Video

Paintball Prank

103 months ago 297,982 171

It's a reach to actually call this video a prank. Some dude simply turns o...

Idiot Can't Hold Beer Bong Play Video

Idiot Can't Hold Beer Bong

103 months ago 696,631 1

This guy attempts to bong five beers at once but the dude holding the funne...

Cop Laughs at Fat Guy Play Video

Cop Laughs at Fat Guy

103 months ago 686,116 3

During an arrest this cop can't keep it together when a fat guy lifts his s...

Kevin Nealon on 420 Play Video

Kevin Nealon on 420

103 months ago 155,801 120

Kevin Nealon pontificates and plucks his banjo to the theme of 4/20.

The Automotive Gallery Play Video

The Automotive Gallery

A little themed Saturday action coming your way... We all love to drive, bu...


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