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Fishing Line Prank Play Video

Fishing Line Prank

107 months ago 537,018 154

Heres one way to guaruntee that you wont be getting any for a month. Not on...

Break Gallery CLXII Play Video

Break Gallery CLXII

Break Gallery #162!!! Another amazing week of pics and we have them all, fr...

Woman Stuck In Trench Play Video

Woman Stuck In Trench

107 months ago 429,848 9

What came first the trench or the woman falling? Either way how is she stuc...

Always Dump Before You Jump Play Video

Always Dump Before You Jump

107 months ago 439,455 3

First rule of bungee is you always dump BEFORE you jump. Ive seen a couple ...

The Techno Viking On Crack Play Video

The Techno Viking On Crack

107 months ago 664,949 8

Okay, maybe he is not on crack, but there is definitely some mind altering ...

How Rosie Odonnell Travels Play Video

How Rosie Odonnell Travels

107 months ago 278,189 1

If youve ever wondered how Rosie Odonnell travels around the country here i...

Arnold Prank Calls Gateway Play Video

Arnold Prank Calls Gateway

107 months ago 169,461 90

Heres a classic Break video from a long time ago that for some reason has r...

I Can Has Bizcuit? Play Video

I Can Has Bizcuit?

107 months ago 460,898 6

Is bread still really hard to come by in Russia? Judging by this Kittys rea...

Death by Fishing Line Play Video

Death by Fishing Line

107 months ago 1,030,116 143

I hope this becomes the new buttered floor prank: Duct tape thin fishing li...

Eye of the Tiger Play Video

Eye of the Tiger

107 months ago 397,103 78

This Tiger has come up with a sure fire way to scare away the pesky zoo tou...


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