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Startled By Lightning Play Video

Startled By Lightning

113 months ago 881,441 1

This guy is quietly working on his bike when out of nowhere light strikes a...

Robot Arm Ride Play Video

Robot Arm Ride

113 months ago 1,293,683 43

This looks awesome. These guys hook up a chair to a robotic arm at their w...

Pogo Stick Pops Guy In Face Play Video

Pogo Stick Pops Guy In Face

113 months ago 800,533 1

This dude jumps onto a pogo stick and his foot slips off causing the pogo t...

Face Plant Into Picnic Table Play Video

Face Plant Into Picnic Table

113 months ago 795,717 1,037,443

This dude tries to bounce his bike onto a table but it gets caught in the s...

Husband Is Bored At The Mall Play Video

Husband Is Bored At The Mall

113 months ago 1,358,683 1

I think we can all relate to this this guy, he's being dragged all around t...

Crank Yankers: Jessica Simpson Play Video

Crank Yankers: Jessica Simpson

113 months ago 651,579 667,106

Jessica Simpson's personal assistant arranges for Jessica to get waxed, but...

500 mph Tennis Ball Launcher Play Video

500 mph Tennis Ball Launcher

113 months ago 1,217,638 7

This guy has created an awesome shoulder fired tennis ball launcher. Appare...

The Dancing Traffic Cop Play Video

The Dancing Traffic Cop

113 months ago 862,855 2

This guy is awesome. This has to be one of the most boring jobs in the wor...

Kids Do Ok Go At Talent Show Play Video

Kids Do Ok Go At Talent Show

113 months ago 802,471 43

A group of kids perform Ok Go at a school talent show. Got to give these k...

Motorcycle Crash Test Play Video

Motorcycle Crash Test

113 months ago 729,282 1,404,694

Do they really need to conduct this test. If your going 50MPH on a motorcy...

Carmen Girl 15 Play Video

Carmen Girl 15

113 months ago 1,081,977 2,390,978

Here is a video of Carmen Electra spoofing Lonelygirl15. I think this may ...

Smashing Good Time Play Video

Smashing Good Time

113 months ago 715,482 736,386

This guy skates up a ramp and drops off onto the concrete, unfortunately hi...

Kitchen Beat Box Play Video

Kitchen Beat Box

113 months ago 985,896 30

This is pretty cool, a guy uses kitchen appliances to create some sweet bea...

Funniest Laugh Ever Play Video

Funniest Laugh Ever

113 months ago 3,395,533 143

At the Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge Tennessee a couple audience members are ...

Massive Firework In Cupboard Play Video

Massive Firework In Cupboard

113 months ago 874,932 1

These guys set off a massive firework in their kitchen cupboard. Say goodby...

14 Days In A Civic Play Video

14 Days In A Civic

113 months ago 639,761 1

To one-up the Nissan Sentra commercials where the guy spends 7 days in his ...

Dorm Room Foam Prank Play Video

Dorm Room Foam Prank

113 months ago 961,429 6

These guys cover their friends door with shaving cream as a practical joke....


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