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Vida Guerras Hidden Talent Play Video

Vida Guerras Hidden Talent

104 months ago 1,730,448 2,252

Most people assume that they love the very sexy Vida Guerra for her legenda...

Worlds Smallest Bodybuilder Play Video

Worlds Smallest Bodybuilder

104 months ago 769,899 24

We have had this video submitted at least 10 times in the last week or so. ...

Stand By Me Deleted Scene Play Video

Stand By Me Deleted Scene

104 months ago 234,480 73

As a kid I was a big fan of the movie Stand By Me. I must have watched it 1...

Amazing Musical Glasses Play Video

Amazing Musical Glasses

104 months ago 263,350 2

At first I swore this guy had music pumping in but now I really think he's ...

Diet Coke Rocket Boomerang Play Video

Diet Coke Rocket Boomerang

104 months ago 574,186 1,153

This dude gets taken down by a Diet Coke bottle he tosses into the middle o...

Prairie Dog Grenades Play Video

Prairie Dog Grenades

104 months ago 402,090 915

I just thought it was important to post this video in order to state that w...

Acheivement Whores Play Video

Acheivement Whores

104 months ago 552,007 2

Modern times call for a modern kind of whore.

Love Hurts Play Video

Love Hurts

104 months ago 326,718 2

A cupid walks around town shooting his arrow of love at a bunch of differen...

Patriots Parody You Cheated Play Video

Patriots Parody You Cheated

104 months ago 285,275 3

A hilarious parody done by the NY post. If you like this, Check out ...

Break Gallery CLXXVI Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXVI

Break Gallery #176!!! Here we go again people, with another grand assortmen...


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