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Another Horrible Woman Driver Play Video

Another Horrible Woman Driver

113 months ago 2,284,884 8

Closed circuit television cameras capture video of woman trying to pull out...

Dutch Reporter Hit By A Car Play Video

Dutch Reporter Hit By A Car

113 months ago 994,849 2

A Dutch reporter gets hit hard by a car that doesn't see him doing his broa...

Rapper Gets Knocked Out Cold Play Video

Rapper Gets Knocked Out Cold

113 months ago 2,608,692 6

A rapper is going off on some dude when finally he has enough and knocks th...

Girl Dumped Live On The Radio Play Video

Girl Dumped Live On The Radio

113 months ago 1,733,902 20

Takes a few minutes to get started but is definitely worth a listen. A girl...

Male Camel Toe Play Video

Male Camel Toe

113 months ago 782,744 26

Are you suffering from embarrassing Male Camel Toe (MCT)? Fret no more ther...

Corona Beer Freezing Trick Play Video

Corona Beer Freezing Trick

113 months ago 2,735,074 6

This is a pretty cool trick with Corona beer. These guy put it in the free...

Finding Nemo: Impossible Play Video

Finding Nemo: Impossible

113 months ago 625,088 8,843,554

A really well edited mash up of Finding Nemo and Mission Impossible 3 to cr...

News Anchor Drops The F Bomb Play Video

News Anchor Drops The F Bomb

113 months ago 972,305 2

KSN-TV Wichita sports director Jim Kobbe had become frustrated with technic...

Miss Nevada Lost What Play Video

Miss Nevada Lost What

113 months ago 2,853,743 2

Fox News Anchor has a freudian slip. He reports that Donald Trump may take...

Sleepy Puppy Play Video

Sleepy Puppy

113 months ago 1,230,816 25

I thought this was funny. Its a little dog that is doing his best to stay ...

Autopsy Prank Play Video

Autopsy Prank

113 months ago 2,887,480 199

A group of Med Students convince a colleague that he is giving a video less...

Spoiled Rich Chick Play Video

Spoiled Rich Chick

113 months ago 1,732,567 32

Let this video be a warning to any of you guys that spot this chick. She m...

Wii Sex Toy Play Video

Wii Sex Toy

113 months ago 12,781,980 24

This is not the sex video you were expecting. Sex combined with a Wii? It w...


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