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Huge Explosion In Iraq Play Video

Huge Explosion In Iraq

118 months ago 320,687 2

This is a bigger bomb than Mission Impossible Three...well maybe not that b...

Dating Three Girls At Once Play Video

Dating Three Girls At Once

118 months ago 277,543 1

Heres a pretty funny short about a guy who accidentally started dating thre...

Dad Climbs Tree For Kite Play Video

Dad Climbs Tree For Kite

118 months ago 67,826 3

Some kid gets his kite stuck high up in a tree. His Dad climbs the tree an...

Race Car Driver Fight Play Video

Race Car Driver Fight

118 months ago 316,800 1

I guess this would be the ultimate case of road rage. A couple of drivers g...

Living in Canada Play Video

Living in Canada

118 months ago 88,323 289,207

This is a great spoof about living in Canada. If the -40 degree temperatur...

Fat Kid Falls in Creek Play Video

Fat Kid Falls in Creek

118 months ago 437,440 4

La Caida de Edgar also known as the Fall of Edgar. Some Mexican kid named E...

Riding The Rail Play Video

Riding The Rail

118 months ago 161,978 10

You have got to give it to this guy. I watched this thing just waiting for...

Keeping Off The Hot Sand Play Video

Keeping Off The Hot Sand

118 months ago 321,389 13

This is actually a foreign commercial for Pepsi. A smokin' hot chick gets ...

Happy Mothers Day Play Video

Happy Mothers Day

118 months ago 166,827 8

This is a very funny video of a couple of brothers attempting to make a vid...

Plane Loses Wing During Flight Play Video

Plane Loses Wing During Flight

118 months ago 515,498 2,090,058

I still dont know what happened in this clip. A plane does a full flip and...

Traffic Accident During Arrest Play Video

Traffic Accident During Arrest

118 months ago 223,093 1,468,488

A police cam captures a crazy traffic accident. During a routine arrest on ...

ChicXpress Chic Launcher Play Video

ChicXpress Chic Launcher

118 months ago 158,774 2

Whats the easiest way to move 10,000 chics as quickly as possible? Make it ...

Flinstones Theme Hand Farts Play Video

Flinstones Theme Hand Farts

118 months ago 54,868 6

Some guy performs the Flinstones theme song via hand farts. This is pretty ...

The Man of Steel Play Video

The Man of Steel

118 months ago 231,897 51,039

Remember that clip from last week of that dude breaking into song and dance...

Fastest Organized Fight Ever Play Video

Fastest Organized Fight Ever

118 months ago 363,971 2

This is actually a set of two clips. I saw the first one about a week ago ...


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