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Another Walmart Intercom Prank Play Video

Another Walmart Intercom Prank

112 months ago 948,960 1,165,649

These guys call this the F@#$% tape, basically it's a recording of them scr...

Best Workout Ever Play Video

Best Workout Ever

112 months ago 1,876,768 38

This workout is so awesome that after just a few minutes my ab muscles were...

Big Blue Ball Play Video

Big Blue Ball

112 months ago 1,236,979 8

This guy gets totally owned by a big blue ball. It looks like this started ...

Tied Up Without A Rope Play Video

Tied Up Without A Rope

112 months ago 954,832 1

Cool little video demonstrating how you can tie a person to a pole or tree ...

Chick Gets Pushed Off Bleachers Play Video

Chick Gets Pushed Off Bleachers

112 months ago 1,716,295 1,471,132

This girl picks a fight with a cheerleader and at first appears to be kicki...

Dynamite Surfing Play Video

Dynamite Surfing

112 months ago 1,618,669 17

This is by far one of the coolest videos I've come across in a long time. T...

Walmart Prank Intercom Calls Play Video

Walmart Prank Intercom Calls

112 months ago 1,113,784 1,655,750

These guys spent over a year taping themselves doing prank intercom calls a...

Two Smokin Hot Chicks Kissing Play Video

Two Smokin Hot Chicks Kissing

112 months ago 2,499,152 1

Its been way to long since the last time we posted a couple of hot chicks k...

Balls Out Jeans Play Video

Balls Out Jeans

112 months ago 1,871,310 19

Aries Spears shows off his new Balls Out Jeans in this hilarious skit from ...

Im Dating A Baby Play Video

Im Dating A Baby

I dated a girl once who reminded me a lot of a baby. Primarily because she ...

Pretty Cool Magic Card Trick Play Video

Pretty Cool Magic Card Trick

112 months ago 1,390,104 3

I watched this trick and even slowed down the video and couldnt catch how h...

Kid Snorts A Worm Play Video

Kid Snorts A Worm

112 months ago 733,863 686,098

Well, we didnt need to see the bottle of beer near the end of this clip to ...

Perverts Karma Play Video

Perverts Karma

112 months ago 1,191,601 555,298

Karma bitch slaps this guy when tries to take advantage of a girl who is pa...

Skater Breaks Back Play Video

Skater Breaks Back

112 months ago 1,072,594 1

A skater named Winston Wardell sticks on this rail and falls breaking his b...


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