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Crushing Metal Sign Surprise Play Video

Crushing Metal Sign Surprise

98 months ago 412,564

Another great college prank comes from a few guys who lure their buddy arou...

Crazy Three Vehicle Smash-Up Play Video

Crazy Three Vehicle Smash-Up

98 months ago 242,826

Some very unlucky driver ends up in a bizarre bus sandwich. Luckily, no one...

Clumsy Kid Smashes TV Play Video

Clumsy Kid Smashes TV

98 months ago 259,785

When he can't get his Wii Bowling score any higher, one little guy throws h...

Brutal San Shou Knockout Play Video

Brutal San Shou Knockout

98 months ago 335,864

A skilled fighter comes at his enemy quickly with lightning-fast punches an...

Powerful Tornado Throws Cars Play Video

Powerful Tornado Throws Cars

98 months ago 361,898

A freak twister flies through an impound lot and starts picking up cars lik...

Funny Gymnastics Faceplant Play Video

Funny Gymnastics Faceplant

98 months ago 274,926

This technique starts off looking pretty stupid and just gets worse once he...


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