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A Completely Honest R&B Song Play Video

A Completely Honest R&B Song

103 months ago 567,905 30

Finally someone has written an R&B song that is completely open and honest ...

Dumb Woman Pushes Fire Button Play Video

Dumb Woman Pushes Fire Button

103 months ago 1,786,126 14

Ever wonder what happens when you press that red emergency fire button at a...

Amazing Ball Balancing Dog Play Video

Amazing Ball Balancing Dog

103 months ago 256,473 3

A couple guys film their neighbors dog playing in the backyard by itself pu...

How a Blonde Pole Dances Play Video

How a Blonde Pole Dances

103 months ago 1,529,496 19,184

You would think pole dancing is the one thing a blonde wouldn't be able to ...

Awesome Lifelike Robotic Dog Play Video

Awesome Lifelike Robotic Dog

103 months ago 664,748 13

Some company called Boston Dynamics has invented an extremely lifelike robo...

I Guess You'll Do Play Video

I Guess You'll Do

103 months ago 460,742 2,155

I thought this was a pretty funny video but it does kinda suck that so much...

Chicks Fight Before Concert Play Video

Chicks Fight Before Concert

103 months ago 1,436,523 6

It's been a long time since we posted a decent fight. These two girls go a...

Marine Gets Knocked Out Play Video

Marine Gets Knocked Out

103 months ago 466,005 106

This guy is testing out a new protection vest issued to Marines that is sup...

Ipecac Vomit Prank Play Video

Ipecac Vomit Prank

103 months ago 502,353 1

This guy pours 4 times the recommended dosage of ipecac into his roommates ...

Stripper Bangs Head On Pole Play Video

Stripper Bangs Head On Pole

103 months ago 784,561 1,044

A chick is practicing a stripping routine on a pole but loses her balance a...

Slow Motion Tomato in Blender Play Video

Slow Motion Tomato in Blender

103 months ago 748,227 2

Ultra slow motion footage of a tomato in a blender. Very cool to watch actu...

Air Bag Blows Off Dudes Trunk Play Video

Air Bag Blows Off Dudes Trunk

103 months ago 193,435 1

These guys decide to test the power of an air bag by placing it in the back...

Awareness Test Play Video

Awareness Test

103 months ago 1,761,498 93

This is one of the coolest videos I've seen in a while. Try and count the n...


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