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The Perfect Faceplant Play Video

The Perfect Faceplant

98 months ago 230,332

This dude may very well have perfected the faceplant. I am sure he was che...

Creepy Dog Has Scary Bark Play Video

Creepy Dog Has Scary Bark

98 months ago 2,420,679

This dog is so creepy! The vile puppy resembles a hell hound much more than...

Rap Gone Terribly Wrong Play Video

Rap Gone Terribly Wrong

98 months ago 469,636

His rhymes are more phat than Jared from Subway. Wait, what?

CEO Beats Jordan One On One Play Video

CEO Beats Jordan One On One

98 months ago 407,195

I heard about this years ago but the video was never released. This is mut...

Not What You Think Play Video

Not What You Think

98 months ago 362,835

A pretty funny collection of drawings that start off looking like one thing...

Kitty Gangsta Rap Play Video

Kitty Gangsta Rap

98 months ago 803,193

Kittens have had it too good for too long. It's about time someone put the...

Biplane Clips Cow Play Video

Biplane Clips Cow

98 months ago 399,770

A cow winds up on the receiving end of this plane. Guess the pilot had a ma...

Dumb Biker Needs Practice Play Video

Dumb Biker Needs Practice

98 months ago 246,388

After a pitiful display like this, he might want to consider investing in a...

Rough First Day On The Job Play Video

Rough First Day On The Job

98 months ago 298,890

This dude is at his first day on the job, and when the boat docks on the sh...

Break Gallery CCXLIII Play Video

Break Gallery CCXLIII

Break Gallery 243 is another HUGE gallery filled with great pics from aroun...

Cat Pounces at Mirror Image Play Video

Cat Pounces at Mirror Image

98 months ago 1,503,300

Nothing is funnier than watching animals fight themselves in the mirror. It...


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