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Blades Of Glory Play Video

Blades Of Glory

111 months ago 420,067 24

This movie looks freakin hilarious, Will Ferrell and John Heder are male ic...

World Record Ski Jump Play Video

World Record Ski Jump

111 months ago 1,237,740 1

This dude breaks the world record for the highest ski jump. He does it in ...

Baby Space Ship Crash Landing Play Video

Baby Space Ship Crash Landing

111 months ago 860,359 1

This toddler wants to go for a ride in his new space ship but unfortunately...

K-Mart Scooter Trouble Play Video

K-Mart Scooter Trouble

111 months ago 679,998 1

Paul and his friend cruise around K-mart on one of those scooters and annoy...

Elmo Releases Adult Video Play Video

Elmo Releases Adult Video

111 months ago 1,083,236 5

Following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton and Screech, an adult ...

Break Gallery CXXVI Play Video

Break Gallery CXXVI

Break Gallery #126!!! Holy crapsalad, another array of crazy whack pics to ...

Powerful Tennis Serve Play Video

Powerful Tennis Serve

111 months ago 1,386,073 5,512,650

How about this for a powerful tennis serve. Some dude doesnt get the call ...

Ship In Rough Water Play Video

Ship In Rough Water

111 months ago 1,338,549 1

This is some amazing footage of a ship in extremely rough waters. Check ou...

College Box Prank Play Video

College Box Prank

111 months ago 538,492 115,018

Some kid climbs into an old box on a sidewalk in the middle of a college ca...

Parking Lot Nut Shot Play Video

Parking Lot Nut Shot

111 months ago 706,515 1,492,450

The guy who got his nuts crushed by a flying can of soup a few weeks ago is...

Girl Owned During Dunk Contest Play Video

Girl Owned During Dunk Contest

111 months ago 1,498,152 2,290,560

Just when you think were past the white guys cant jump stereotype this happ...

Seagull Crashes Into Race Car Play Video

Seagull Crashes Into Race Car

111 months ago 751,380 1,740,816

A race car is travelling at over 180 MPH when a seagull crashes into and br...

Biker With Death Wish Play Video

Biker With Death Wish

111 months ago 1,347,191 19

This is some insane footage a guy took while being chased by a police offic...

John Terry Kicked In The Face Play Video

John Terry Kicked In The Face

111 months ago 545,147 1,224,080

Chelsea football player John Terry takes a foot directly to the face during...

80 Year Old Crashes Into DMV Play Video

80 Year Old Crashes Into DMV

111 months ago 632,427 1,233,605

An 80 year old woman in Florida crashed into the DMV injuring 11 people on ...


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