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Sick Whiffle Ball Pitcher Play Video

Sick Whiffle Ball Pitcher

107 months ago 1,091,839 40

I cannot even remember the last time I played whiffle ball. I dont know if ...

Woman gets owned by gravity Play Video

Woman gets owned by gravity

107 months ago 513,563 6,779,068

Fat uncoordinated woman vs thin log, who emerges victorious? You be the jud...

Chick Drops Barbell On Head Play Video

Chick Drops Barbell On Head

107 months ago 626,648 5

This chick tries to lift a heavy weight over her head but fails causing the...

How To Save Money On Batteries Play Video

How To Save Money On Batteries

107 months ago 542,257 5,072,872

This guy shows you how to take a lantern battery which typically sells for ...

Wonkaland For Stoners Play Video

Wonkaland For Stoners

107 months ago 690,122 1

This is a truely impressive drug bust. You have got to check out this guys...

Obama Girl Loves The Troops Play Video

Obama Girl Loves The Troops

107 months ago 551,256 1

The Obama girl and her smokin hot friends want to salute all the US troops ...

Don't Tase Me Bro Play Video

Don't Tase Me Bro

107 months ago 615,524 19

Don't Tase Me Bro: In 2007, John Kerry was giving a speech at the Universit...

Amazing Homemade Fight Scene Play Video

Amazing Homemade Fight Scene

107 months ago 419,584 8

These well trained martial artists got together one weekend and made an awe...

Cat Loves Mac Laptop Play Video

Cat Loves Mac Laptop

107 months ago 342,433 6,413,938

This little kitty loves playing with a mac laptop. On the downside thats a ...

Another Merry Go Round Moron Play Video

Another Merry Go Round Moron

107 months ago 496,569 1

Copying a video we posted a long time ago this guy decides to try the Merry...

Wrestler Faceplants Into Stairs Play Video

Wrestler Faceplants Into Stairs

107 months ago 441,740 2,227,151

An absolutely shocking video of a pro wrestler jumping off the high rope, f...


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