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Lazer Graffiti Play Video

Lazer Graffiti

111 months ago 1,024,332 3,329,541

This is pretty awesome. Some rebel physicists develop a way to use lazers...

The Simpsons Movie Trailer Play Video

The Simpsons Movie Trailer

111 months ago 816,073 974,538

This is the just released trailer for the Simpsons movie coming out this su...

Dude Scares His Little Brother Play Video

Dude Scares His Little Brother

111 months ago 758,944 1,098,111

We get hundreds of these kind of videos in each month. For some reason I t...

Building Floor Collapses Play Video

Building Floor Collapses

111 months ago 676,391 1,421,043

Amazing video of a parking garage ceiling falling onto a crowded lower leve...

Power Wheelin Play Video

Power Wheelin

112 months ago 831,039 19

Awesome video of a group of guys that soup up some kids power jeeps and fil...

The Hiccup Girl Play Video

The Hiccup Girl

112 months ago 778,854 7

The NBC Today show aired this clip on Friday of a girl who has had the hicc...

How To Cheat At Dice Play Video

How To Cheat At Dice

112 months ago 1,034,262 1

This guy is awesome. He has mastered rolling dice and has been banned in V...

Shopping Cart Fence Smash Play Video

Shopping Cart Fence Smash

112 months ago 464,930 545,662

Getting pushed at full speed down a ramp in a shopping cart wasnt the brigh...

Kid Thrown Into A Doubleback Play Video

Kid Thrown Into A Doubleback

112 months ago 917,228 206,943

A small kid is swung around by two guys into a doubleback. Pretty sweet stu...

Kid Falls Off Swing Play Video

Kid Falls Off Swing

112 months ago 876,886 1,012,091

Maybe jumping onto a swing set that is located directly above a giant puddl...

Gun Vs Flatscreen Monitor Play Video

Gun Vs Flatscreen Monitor

112 months ago 876,278 663,910

Well, no suprise the gun won the battle. Its kinda cool though to see how ...

Screwing The Country Play Video

Screwing The Country

112 months ago 1,874,396 2

This is a funny video of a couple role playing while making love.

Smokin Hot Jackie Guerrido Play Video

Smokin Hot Jackie Guerrido

112 months ago 4,159,082 1

The forecast is sunny in this hot Jackie Guerrido video. She's a Puerto Ri...

Full Version: Fed Ex Crash Play Video

Full Version: Fed Ex Crash

112 months ago 727,672 3,933,723

By now everyone has seen the Fed Ex semi losing control and crushing the c...


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