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Failed Missle Launch Play Video

Failed Missle Launch

111 months ago 871,379 800,251

Probably the last thing you want to see when firing a rocket launcher is a ...

CD Explodes At 3500 RPM Play Video

CD Explodes At 3500 RPM

111 months ago 896,440 698,482

These guys attach a CD to the end of a dremel and spin it at 3500 RPM. The...

The Ultimate Eating Champion Play Video

The Ultimate Eating Champion

111 months ago 528,500 554,545

Alright, this dude puts a couple of the impossible eating challenges to res...

Cliff Jump Knock Out Play Video

Cliff Jump Knock Out

111 months ago 2,186,610 2

How many videos of people jumping off of cliffs and getting seriously injur...

Kid Has Really Stretchy Play Video

Kid Has Really Stretchy

111 months ago 505,474 5,853,711

This kid can stretch his skin like no other, pretty cool and gross at the s...

Amazing Fiddle Player Play Video

Amazing Fiddle Player

111 months ago 963,648 5

Fiddle? Violin? I dont know for sure but the person who submitted this vide...

Door Knob Prank Play Video

Door Knob Prank

111 months ago 2,221,649 18

This prank kinda sucks. This chick gets her friend to blow a kiss to a doo...

Truck Pulls Kids On Chair Play Video

Truck Pulls Kids On Chair

111 months ago 580,649 723,269

These guys attach and old chair to the back of a truck and see who can hold...

Cool Mario Lego Stop Motion Play Video

Cool Mario Lego Stop Motion

111 months ago 881,275 1,908,332

This is a really cool Mario stop motion video made out of legos that obviou...

Not The Best Wingman Play Video

Not The Best Wingman

111 months ago 501,510 1

This is hilarious. These guys went ahead and tried the spoon trick. But t...

Syrup Chugging Contest Play Video

Syrup Chugging Contest

111 months ago 321,824 297,868

These two guys have a syrup chugging contest and the one dude ends up drink...


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