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Cool Freestyle Play Video

Cool Freestyle

111 months ago 516,750 1

This is a pretty cool video of a bunch of freestyle tricks where the guys i...

Building Collapses Onto Crane Play Video

Building Collapses Onto Crane

111 months ago 553,396 1,130,793

A dude is contracted to take down a building. He knocks out one of the cor...

Evolution Of A Beard Play Video

Evolution Of A Beard

111 months ago 820,503 3

This guy took a picture of himself every waking hour for seven weeks to dem...

What Is LARPing? Play Video

What Is LARPing?

111 months ago 782,298 4

How many virgins can you count in this clip? LARPing apparently stands for ...

Ford Recalls Trucks Play Video

Ford Recalls Trucks

111 months ago 1,138,576 4

Ford announced a recall today of 37,400 trucks. The reason was flames shot...

Cruise Ship Caught In Cyclone Play Video

Cruise Ship Caught In Cyclone

111 months ago 2,374,569 28

Some amazing footage of one of largest and fastest passenger cruisers Voyag...

Burping Girl Play Video

Burping Girl

111 months ago 497,913 1,708,002

This girl can burp better than most men. There is something so cool about a...

Pretty Cool Reverse Movie Play Video

Pretty Cool Reverse Movie

111 months ago 390,797 324,757

Every once in a while we get one of these reverse movies and most are just ...

Big Time Rally Skills Play Video

Big Time Rally Skills

111 months ago 665,650 4,444,653

So I am constantly tossing up clips with guys wiping out at Rally Car races...

Microwave Experiments Play Video

Microwave Experiments

111 months ago 462,252 1

These guys set out to take their microwave to the edge and see what it take...

Very Useful Talent Play Video

Very Useful Talent

111 months ago 1,081,415 72

Some talents are just stupid and pointless, this one is the exact opposite.


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