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Refrigerator Scare Prank Play Video

Refrigerator Scare Prank

104 months ago 1,101,789 6

Some dude hides in a refrigerator and scares the hell out of his buddy. Ma...

Interesting Facts About Love Play Video

Interesting Facts About Love

104 months ago 866,603 2

Another interesting video of a bunch of love related facts which are all 10...

Monkey Needs A Drink Play Video

Monkey Needs A Drink

104 months ago 965,975 48

This thirsty monkey is having the time of his life drinking in the afternoo...

Secret Video from Cloverfield Play Video

Secret Video from Cloverfield

104 months ago 682,809 15

Apparently this secret video got out about the new movie Cloverfield. At f...

Gigantic Snowball Crushes Kid Play Video

Gigantic Snowball Crushes Kid

104 months ago 324,855 89

A bunch of kids drop the base of a snowman over 20 feet on top of their bud...

Prank At Grocery Store Play Video

Prank At Grocery Store

104 months ago 567,754 1,292

Its an old and simple trick but its definetly one of my favorites. As wome...

Hugest Hockey Brawl Play Video

Hugest Hockey Brawl

104 months ago 376,372 777

This is one of the longest and most kick ass hockey brawls I have ever seen...

Break Gallery CLXXII Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXII

Break Gallery #172!!! Another week of the best pics the internet has to off...

Technoviking Grandma Play Video

Technoviking Grandma

105 months ago 302,162 1

Not to be out done by her grandson the Technovikings Grandma shows that eve...

Swing Backflip Goes Bad Play Video

Swing Backflip Goes Bad

105 months ago 295,657 442

This chick jumps off a strange swinging contraption and proceeds to do some...

Ice Skating Faceplant Play Video

Ice Skating Faceplant

105 months ago 158,948 94

This guy is one of the most graceful ice skaters since Brian Boitano.

Gate Whacks Russian Attendant Play Video

Gate Whacks Russian Attendant

105 months ago 173,268 122

A bus plows through a check in and busts the gate back knocking an innocent...


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