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Nearly Scared To Death Play Video

Nearly Scared To Death

111 months ago 1,873,800 57

This kid is singing when his mom comes in the room and scares him. The lit...

Hilary 1984 Spoof Video Play Video

Hilary 1984 Spoof Video

111 months ago 457,988 1

This is the unauthorized ad campaign video for Barack Obama using the famou...

Gymnast Flips Onto Head Play Video

Gymnast Flips Onto Head

111 months ago 512,540 407,364

A gymnast tries to do a double flip off the high bar but lands directly on ...

Skater Face Plants Hard Play Video

Skater Face Plants Hard

111 months ago 921,994 9

This might be the worst face plant that Ive ever seen in my life. I bet thi...

Woman Falls Down Icy Stairs Play Video

Woman Falls Down Icy Stairs

111 months ago 780,030 1

Security cameras video taped a woman eating it hard on some icy stairs. Tha...

Hot Chick Flashes Porsche Play Video

Hot Chick Flashes Porsche

111 months ago 1,629,756 6

This is actually a commercial that airs in Europe for Porsche. The chick i...

Son Gives Father Classic Car Play Video

Son Gives Father Classic Car

111 months ago 1,042,940 11

In order to thank his dad for years of hard work and sacrifice this guy is ...

Leprechaun Sighting Play Video

Leprechaun Sighting

111 months ago 870,302 23

Happy St. Patricks Day!!! In honor of this amazing holiday here is the clas...

Dog Chases Fake Soccer Ball Play Video

Dog Chases Fake Soccer Ball

111 months ago 713,425 1

This poor confused Jack Russel Terrier chases down a computer generated soc...

Worst Special Effects Ever Play Video

Worst Special Effects Ever

111 months ago 1,140,494 2,108,298

Check out the awful special effects in this commercial for a mattress compa...

Eric Oshea Elmo Impression Play Video

Eric Oshea Elmo Impression

111 months ago 738,951 1

This comedian does a perfect impression of Elmo and uses it to disturb his ...

Talk About A Buzz Kill Play Video

Talk About A Buzz Kill

111 months ago 1,462,767 1,353,620

A couple guys go out drinking and try to convince a girl to show them her g...

What Guys Are Really Thinking Play Video

What Guys Are Really Thinking

111 months ago 2,580,016 15

This video is hilarious. Every guy has been in a position where he is asked...


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