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Chick Overreacts A Little Play Video

Chick Overreacts A Little

100 months ago 1,128,895 1

A couple girls are driving on the highway when they slam into a bird. The ...

Break Gallery CCXVI Play Video

Break Gallery CCXVI

Break Gallery 216!!! Another solid effort where the weird, wild, and unbeli...

Smart Car Vs Lamborghini Play Video

Smart Car Vs Lamborghini

100 months ago 682,489 2

Great video of a Lamborghini vs a Smart Car. It's a pretty close contest b...

Amazing Australian Lyrebird Play Video

Amazing Australian Lyrebird

100 months ago 361,125 11

I've never heard of these birds before today but apparently they can mimic ...

Rock Climbing Can Suck Play Video

Rock Climbing Can Suck

100 months ago 202,059 38

This dude repels off a rock and slams hard into the side of the tree disloc...

Awesome New Olympic Sport Play Video

Awesome New Olympic Sport

100 months ago 481,707 1

The Summer Olympics is just a couple days away and there is one new event t...

The Dramatic Cat Play Video

The Dramatic Cat

100 months ago 556,024 2

Nearly a year ago today was our first look at ...

Ants Invade Home Scanner Play Video

Ants Invade Home Scanner

100 months ago 327,411 234

This guy's wife calls him at work and tells him she is having trouble with ...

Pressure Point Knockout Play Video

Pressure Point Knockout

100 months ago 832,923 20

An instructor demonstrates how to perform a knockout using a pressure point...

Camel Carries Car Up Hill Play Video

Camel Carries Car Up Hill

100 months ago 107,340 1

I always figured camels were probably strong but it is impressive to see on...

X-Games Front Flip Failure Play Video

X-Games Front Flip Failure

100 months ago 264,253 118

Jim DeChamp attempts a front flip on his bike at this years X-Games.


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