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Reporter Mocks News Anchor Play Video

Reporter Mocks News Anchor

101 months ago 350,692 63

After reporting from the scene of 911 this guy makes fun of the off topic c...

Gym Jump Knockout Play Video

Gym Jump Knockout

101 months ago 270,297 2

Some kid climbs up the side of the gym and tries to jump to the ceiling but...

Double Knockout Play Video

Double Knockout

Shaun Parker and Tyler Byran accomplish the mystical double knockout at Leg...

Stair Jump Knockout Play Video

Stair Jump Knockout

101 months ago 214,644 4

Some big kid is dared to jump down the stairs. Somehow he ends up on landin...

Insane Stunt Makes Dude Cry Play Video

Insane Stunt Makes Dude Cry

101 months ago 420,277 3

This dude puts icy hot on his balls, drinks an extreme hot sauce extract, g...

Horse Kicks Chicken Onto Roof Play Video

Horse Kicks Chicken Onto Roof

101 months ago 451,957 10

Watch the chicken in the bottom left of the video pecking the ground for fo...

Kid Owned With Pee Play Video

Kid Owned With Pee

101 months ago 322,853 76

This guy puts a nasty twist in the water ceiling prank by peeing in the bow...

Break Gallery CXCIII Play Video

Break Gallery CXCIII

Break Gallery #193!!! Happy Saturday peoples. Time to get another rocks off...

Awesome Motorcycle Burnout Play Video

Awesome Motorcycle Burnout

101 months ago 694,977 23

This is one of the better burnouts Ive ever seen. I like the addition of th...

Massive Swingset Faceplant Play Video

Massive Swingset Faceplant

101 months ago 332,871 3

Some dude tries to do a flip on a swingset. It turns into a very painful lo...

Rally Car Flip and Recovery Play Video

Rally Car Flip and Recovery

102 months ago 387,657 1

While this may look like a complete fluke, the driver actually thought this...


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