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Wanted For Murder Play Video

Wanted For Murder

117 months ago 1,184,691 9

A reporter is broadcasting live from a murder scene when the alleged murder...

16,000 Firecrackers Play Video

16,000 Firecrackers

117 months ago 400,253 131,480

These guys light up a brick of 16,000 firecrackers. Starts off a bit slow ...

Roller Blader Crashes in Race Play Video

Roller Blader Crashes in Race

117 months ago 358,070 414,755

This is a high speed downhill rollerblade race. Two guys blind one of the ...

Reckless Driver Hits Mother Play Video

Reckless Driver Hits Mother

117 months ago 635,536 728,226

A dude is trying to outrun the cops and goes the wrong way on the offramp. ...

Minor League Coach Goes Nuts Play Video

Minor League Coach Goes Nuts

117 months ago 370,107 41,286

Minor League manager of Asheville Tourists goes insane kicking and screamin...

Spiderman 3 Trailer Play Video

Spiderman 3 Trailer

117 months ago 491,452 2! The Venom suit, Sandman, and Harry Osbourne! This movie ...

Bad Acting Play Video

Bad Acting

117 months ago 272,852 101,502

From the Keanu Reeves school of acting.

Crazy Driver Play Video

Crazy Driver

117 months ago 369,797 382,864

Some dude jumps in a BMW and gets up to 160MPH on the highway in the middle...

Criss Angel Walks on Water Play Video

Criss Angel Walks on Water

117 months ago 1,101,937 13

Alright, I am completely stumped on this one. Criss Angel walks across the...

News Reporter Pranked Play Video

News Reporter Pranked

117 months ago 1,060,042 27

This is pretty funny. Some news reporter is trying to record a quick segme...

Flexible Foot Archer Play Video

Flexible Foot Archer

117 months ago 336,227 14

This girl is probably the most flexible and coordinated person I've ever se...

Farting In Your Cubicle Play Video

Farting In Your Cubicle

117 months ago 457,200 9

This animation will ring true for anyone who works in a cubicle, especially...

Rappin Grannys Got Talent Play Video

Rappin Grannys Got Talent

117 months ago 328,457 7

This Granny from America's Got Talent definitely knows how to spit rhymes. ...

Maury Povich Fear Of Pickles Play Video

Maury Povich Fear Of Pickles

117 months ago 672,666 3

Girl on Maury Povich has a completely irrational fear of pickles (make your...

Hilarious Lip Sync Duet Play Video

Hilarious Lip Sync Duet

117 months ago 520,302 8

These guys are awesome. These two guys lip sync to plain music. The dude ...

AOL Tech Support Play Video

AOL Tech Support

117 months ago 242,559 524,283

This is pretty funny. Some guy taped his conversation with AOL tech suppor...

Rally Car Crash Play Video

Rally Car Crash

117 months ago 627,707 1,360,211

I know another rally crash. But you got to check this one out. The camera...

Ladder Race Play Video

Ladder Race

117 months ago 539,749 1

This is a pretty cool race using ladders to climb up the side of a wall. I...

Angry British Telecom Customer Play Video

Angry British Telecom Customer

117 months ago 359,147 407,380

A British Telcom customer goes absolutely insane on a telemarkter. Wow I kn...


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