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Song For Britney Play Video

Song For Britney

104 months ago 140,947 371

Everyday Normal Rapper Jon Lajoie has a heart warming song for ...

Wheelchair Crosswalk Prank Play Video

Wheelchair Crosswalk Prank

104 months ago 164,001 1

Some guy pretending to be handicapped falls out of his wheelchair in the mi...

Waterslide Stunts Play Video

Waterslide Stunts

104 months ago 322,643 281

This looks like a lot of fun. These guys do various stunts when riding dow...

Incredible Soccer Skills Play Video

Incredible Soccer Skills

104 months ago 383,410 2,069

I am not the biggest fan of soccer but you got to appreciate these skills. ...

Overconfident Tom Brady Play Video

Overconfident Tom Brady

104 months ago 236,959 3

I bet 17 points isnt looking too shabby now. If you like this, check out <...

Politically Incorrect Sign Play Video

Politically Incorrect Sign

104 months ago 242,889 3

I thought this sign was hilarious. Let me know what you guys think of the ...

Planters Cashews Ugly Chick Play Video

Planters Cashews Ugly Chick

104 months ago 303,718 12

I actually thought this commercial for Planters Cashews was really funny.

Career Builder Firefly Play Video

Career Builder Firefly

104 months ago 135,419 13

Wishing wont get you a better job. Career Builder Super Bowl commercial

FedEx Carrier Pigeons Play Video

FedEx Carrier Pigeons

104 months ago 125,735 101

FedEx carrier pigeons Super Bowl commercial.


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