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Failed Fountain Jump Play Video

Failed Fountain Jump 61 months ago

This guy attempts a long jump into the middle of a fountain but comes up in...

Dad Crushed By Tree Play Video

Dad Crushed By Tree 61 months ago

These guy finally saws through an old dead tree only to have it fall back o...

Man Loses Slap War Play Video

Man Loses Slap War 61 months ago

A classic clip teaches an important lesson: When the other guy's palm is th...

Short Fight With Big Knockout Play Video

Short Fight With Big Knockout 61 months ago

War paint becomes clown make-up pretty quickly when you get knocked out in ...

Guy Rules At Everything Play Video

Guy Rules At Everything 61 months ago

If you think you're good at beer pong, prepare to humbly bow at this guy's ...

Break Gallery CCCXI Play Video

Break Gallery CCCXI 61 months ago

Break Gallery 311 guarantees nothing but constant hilarity for your weekend...