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Bird Craps In Dudes Mouth Play Video

Bird Craps In Dudes Mouth

89 months ago 235,328

This guy is having a good time feeding a bunch of seagulls on the beach unt...

Break Gallery CCCXLII Play Video

Break Gallery CCCXLII

Break Gallery 342! An epic Polar Bear fight, a Panda has a question, one se...

Hot Love From Top Gun Song Play Video

Hot Love From Top Gun Song

89 months ago 353,441

I will never forget how much hot love my girlfriend gave me after we watche...

Crazy Japanese Commercial Play Video

Crazy Japanese Commercial

89 months ago 440,845

Talk about using hot girls to sell. I have no clue what this product has t...

First Robot To Walk Like Man Play Video

First Robot To Walk Like Man

89 months ago 166,697

This is world's first robot to simulate human walking and can even corrects...

Parading Fan High Kick Fail Play Video

Parading Fan High Kick Fail

89 months ago 335,394

That's what you get for trying to walk all fancy. I'll just keep it simple ...

Cat Boxing Play Video

Cat Boxing

89 months ago 510,775

A vicious hook at the bell might of gave the cat on the right a slight adva...

Tricked On Halloween Play Video

Tricked On Halloween

89 months ago 655,606

This fourth grade girl thinks she is about to give a school report on where...

Awesome Halloween Window Play Video

Awesome Halloween Window

89 months ago 171,869

This is definitely the coolest Halloween window lighting we have ever seen....

Car Roof Jump Fail Play Video

Car Roof Jump Fail

89 months ago 163,721

The side-view mirrors should have the following message: Warning, guy who j...


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