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The Japanese Olympics Play Video

The Japanese Olympics

99 months ago 317,773 634

If these guys had spent the same amount of time training for a real sport, ...

Stay at Home Dad Rap Play Video

Stay at Home Dad Rap

99 months ago 185,637 2

Stay at home dads are a demographic that has been ignored for far too long ...

Break Gallery CCXIX Play Video

Break Gallery CCXIX

Break Gallery #219!!! What a week it has been peoples and we have the proof...

Little Girl ATV Blooper Play Video

Little Girl ATV Blooper

99 months ago 267,932 143

Probably shouldn't let such a little girl off road on an ATV like that...

Tornado Slams Into Bus Play Video

Tornado Slams Into Bus

99 months ago 393,610 133

This is raw footage from a passenger on a bus in Poland as a Tornado is for...

Car Runs Red Light Play Video

Car Runs Red Light

99 months ago 598,899 1

This is a classic video from years ago that I came across again today. Thi...

Hidden Camera Prank Goes Bad Play Video

Hidden Camera Prank Goes Bad

99 months ago 725,196 1,172

Some guy on an eastern European hidden camera tv show walks up to his car o...

Guitar Player Takes Out Fan Play Video

Guitar Player Takes Out Fan

99 months ago 475,955 414

When you do this to your biggest fans you can kind of understand why they a...

Rough Landing On The Knees Play Video

Rough Landing On The Knees

99 months ago 229,585 1

This gymnast comes down awkward on a landing and hyper-extends both his kne...


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