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Kimbo Fights Adryan Play Video

Kimbo Fights Adryan

104 months ago 630,399 448

Kimbo fights some dude named Adryan. I'm not really sure if there was a cle...

Anatomy of a Nut Shot Play Video

Anatomy of a Nut Shot

104 months ago 314,189 1

Some guy volunteers to take a tennis ball shot direct to the nuts all in th...

MIMEFREAK Episode One Play Video


104 months ago 138,805 72

Episode one of the new series MIMEFREAK starring Kipp Angel.

Another Great Maze Scare Play Video

Another Great Maze Scare

104 months ago 431,857 125

It's been a long time since we posted a good maze scare prank. I thought t...

Kid Smashes Head On Rim Play Video

Kid Smashes Head On Rim

104 months ago 258,752 201

A kid goes up for a 360 dunk on a lowered hoop and ends up smashing his hea...

Break Gallery CLXXV Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXV

Break Gallery #175!!! We are back on track and this, no lie, is one of the ...

Train Crushes Stalled Car Play Video

Train Crushes Stalled Car

104 months ago 179,380 55

This is raw footage from a Hinsdale police car of a train running full spee...

Whos Your Candidate Play Video

Whos Your Candidate

If your still confused on who to vote for we put together a simple little g...

Fat Guy With a Little Gun Play Video

Fat Guy With a Little Gun

104 months ago 720,293 2

I don't really get why this is so funny to watch but for some reason it is....

Chickipedia - Look Her Up Play Video

Chickipedia - Look Her Up

104 months ago 158,718 28 the world's first user generated encyclopedia dedicated to ...

Dance Till Ya Drop Play Video

Dance Till Ya Drop

104 months ago 248,184 2,360

A group of girls are dancing at a rally when one slips off the stage, facep...

Very Simple IQ Test Play Video

Very Simple IQ Test

104 months ago 525,327 1,217

This is a very simple IQ test. It takes less than 20 seconds to complete a...


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