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Train Plows Into Semi Play Video

Train Plows Into Semi

105 months ago 338,165 3

A semi stops half way over the tracks as a train comes crashing into in ful...

Unexpected Pie to the Face Play Video

Unexpected Pie to the Face

105 months ago 198,612 34

Step 1: Make a pie. Step 2: Clean out fridge. Step 3: Own your friend hard.

Incredible Leaf Burn Video Play Video

Incredible Leaf Burn Video

105 months ago 254,604 116

This is such a cool video. These guys rake all their leaves up into long tr...

Thief Gets Knocked Out Cold Play Video

Thief Gets Knocked Out Cold

105 months ago 984,815 227

OK this might of been a sucker punch knock out but it was a two on one figh...

Stuffing The Turkey Play Video

Stuffing The Turkey

This is from a new series called Position of the Day and the first one serv...

Hot Girl Train Car Pranks Play Video

Hot Girl Train Car Pranks

105 months ago 1,852,180 1

A hot girl in a mini skirt pranks unsuspecting train car riders who are for...

Trick Does Not Go Well Play Video

Trick Does Not Go Well

105 months ago 271,761 72

This guy just lost his ability to breed. Maybe thats a good thing.

Guy Faceplants In The Mud Play Video

Guy Faceplants In The Mud

105 months ago 236,964 126

Some guy on a dirtbike thinks he can pass through the deep mud. It turns ou...

Japanese Binocular Soccer Play Video

Japanese Binocular Soccer

105 months ago 559,425 83

Leave it to the Japanese to dress a bunch of guys up in Waldo outfits, plac...

Crayon Physics Play Video

Crayon Physics

105 months ago 416,054 149

I thought this thing was cool. Some dude in his spare time is making this ...

Happy Play Video


105 months ago 720,515 172

When you're having a bad day, all you need to do is open this happy video a...


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