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Grandma slips on duck crap Play Video

Grandma slips on duck crap 75 months ago

A lovely afternoon spent feeding the ducks by the pond. All goes well until...

Bill Has A Dream Play Video

Bill Has A Dream 76 months ago

Bill Clinton attended an event to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King ...

Chickipedia Vs Wikipedia Play Video

Chickipedia Vs Wikipedia 76 months ago

Tonight Break is launching a new site called, the worlds fi...

Street Fight In Fallujah Play Video

Street Fight In Fallujah 76 months ago

This is raw footage of US led forces engaged in a massive fire fight in dow...

ATV Flip Does Not Go Well Play Video

ATV Flip Does Not Go Well 76 months ago

Some guy attempts to see how much air he can get on his ATV while his frien...

Igniting A Christmas Tree Play Video

Igniting A Christmas Tree 76 months ago

I actually tried this 4 years ago. I figured I could save the 20 bucks the...