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Break Gallery CXCVI Play Video

Break Gallery CXCVI

This week we are going to skip our normal Wednesday night gallery and repla...

Girlfriend is not Amused Play Video

Girlfriend is not Amused

101 months ago 1,097,602 5

Needless to say… Girlfriend is not amused. This guy decided that it would b...

The Terrorist Pitch Play Video

The Terrorist Pitch

101 months ago 187,795 149

Even terrorists have to pitch their ideas to someone. Just like in Hollywoo...

Classic Face Plant Prank Play Video

Classic Face Plant Prank

101 months ago 269,201 79

This guy falls victim to one of the oldest pranks in the book.

Failed Chinese Crash Test Play Video

Failed Chinese Crash Test

101 months ago 787,804 2

I'm no engineer but I would think the Chinese company that built this truck...

Dry Ice Vs Cinder Block Play Video

Dry Ice Vs Cinder Block

101 months ago 431,016 2

These guys load up a 3 liter bottle full of dry ice and stick it in a cinde...

Break Gallery CXCV Play Video

Break Gallery CXCV

Break Gallery #195!!! Saturday afternoon and the pics just keep on rolling ...

Funny Slow Motion Punches Play Video

Funny Slow Motion Punches

101 months ago 525,395 4

A bunch of people getting punched in the face in super slow motion.

Grandpa Owned At Beer Pong Play Video

Grandpa Owned At Beer Pong

101 months ago 472,204 1

After never making a single shot in over a dozen games of beer pong Grandpa...

Amazing Robot Dance! Play Video

Amazing Robot Dance!

101 months ago 19,176,226 429

This is the best robot dance video I've ever seen! So You Think You Can Dan...

Cell Phones Are Evil Play Video

Cell Phones Are Evil

101 months ago 1,281,653 12

This kids cell phone bill is getting too high so he decides to burn the pho...

Run Forest Run Play Video

Run Forest Run

101 months ago 225,741 25

This kid attempts to run down a hill but loses his balance and faceplants h...


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