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The Ultimate Office Prank Play Video

The Ultimate Office Prank

107 months ago 692,563 4

These guys build a wall in the middle of an office hallway and confuse thei...

This Is Sparta Remix (Remix) Play Video

This Is Sparta Remix (Remix)

107 months ago 3,821,473 2

There must of been at least one thousand 300 remixes done over the last 6 m...

Cobra Snake Wrestler Play Video

Cobra Snake Wrestler

107 months ago 269,057 210,196

This Egyptian dude is friggin crazy. He bounces on the ground with a letha...

Blue Angels Really Low Flyby Play Video

Blue Angels Really Low Flyby

107 months ago 711,014 3

At a Blue Angels show in Washington State one of the birds does a really lo...

FHM Championship of Women Play Video

FHM Championship of Women

107 months ago 691,919 2,597,865

20 teams, 20 women. Either way we win because these girls are blazin hot. F...

Bully Gets Dropped Play Video

Bully Gets Dropped

107 months ago 2,503,704 23

This is an awesome fight. A bully keeps on picking on a skateboarder till ...

Scaring The Wife Play Video

Scaring The Wife

107 months ago 759,744 736,680

How much you wanna bet this guy didnt get laid that night? Was it worth it?

Dog Plays Wii Tennis Play Video

Dog Plays Wii Tennis

107 months ago 310,085 1

I've heard of dogs that can fetch the paper and even bring you you're slipp...

Glacier Surfing In Alaska Play Video

Glacier Surfing In Alaska

107 months ago 542,981 8

I never knew people did stuff like this. Surfing the wave caused by chunks ...

Car Slams Into Pedestrian Play Video

Car Slams Into Pedestrian

107 months ago 472,050 1

Two people get the clear to walk signal and just as they step off the curb ...

Kid Wipes Out On Treadmill Play Video

Kid Wipes Out On Treadmill

107 months ago 385,354 1,308,250

Although, this video is totally setup and the guy planned on jumping on thi...

An Amazing Hand Of Poker Play Video

An Amazing Hand Of Poker

108 months ago 2,738,249 11

This has got to be the most amazing hand of poker I will ever see dealt in ...

School Hallway Clothesline Play Video

School Hallway Clothesline

108 months ago 350,161 735,299

This is quick and straight to the point. Some poor freshman is walking dow...

Japanese Public Pool Play Video

Japanese Public Pool

108 months ago 792,653 11

A public pool in Japan that may have reached its capacity. I wonder how man...

Crazy Tubing Jump Play Video

Crazy Tubing Jump

108 months ago 538,142 1

When youre out on a lake and you want to do some cool stunts sometimes you ...

Dude Pegs Car With Frisbee Play Video

Dude Pegs Car With Frisbee

108 months ago 502,486 3

This guy tosses a frisbee out his apartment window to see how far it will g...


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