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Attempting A Double Backflip Play Video

Attempting A Double Backflip

115 months ago 422,498 1,415,847

This is an awesome video of Travis Pastrana attempting a double backflip in...

Matrix Bug Neo Fights Play Video

Matrix Bug Neo Fights

115 months ago 706,980 534,822

This bug should be called Neo because he fends off about a hundred iraqi fi...

Bowling Bad Shot Play Video

Bowling Bad Shot

115 months ago 580,599 376,230

This guy just pulled a Munson. If he knocks over all the pins on his next s...

Britney Spears On Drugs Play Video

Britney Spears On Drugs

115 months ago 1,146,234 1

It takes a lot of effort to make Kevin Federline look like the smart one. A...

ATV Hits Dude In Face Play Video

ATV Hits Dude In Face

115 months ago 866,189 1

Some guy jumps his ATV over a hill and doesnt see his buddy parked on the o...

Idiot With Potential Play Video

Idiot With Potential

115 months ago 389,627 79,889

This kid has dreams of one day being a Hollywood stunt man. I think he has...

Bar Fight Headbutt Play Video

Bar Fight Headbutt

115 months ago 761,900 983,039

Check out this video. Some dude starts a fight and headbutts a guy. Then ...

My Cubicle Play Video

My Cubicle

115 months ago 498,142 2,606,045

Being Monday I felt this song would be especially appropriate for anyone wh...

Balls To Head Play Video

Balls To Head

115 months ago 369,468 1

Straight out of Happy Gilmore this guy decides to go up against the automat...

Real Criss Angel Part 2 Play Video

Real Criss Angel Part 2

115 months ago 464,627 125,970

Another awesome look at the real Criss Angel. I keep trying to figure out h...

BMW M5 Vs Audi RS4 Play Video

BMW M5 Vs Audi RS4

115 months ago 541,212 7

This is an sweet video from the dashboard cam of a BMW M5 as it is racing a...

Awesome Snare Drum Solo Play Video

Awesome Snare Drum Solo

115 months ago 519,247 14

This is Ivan Pacheco doing a drumming solo. The dude is amazing. I dont k...

Priest Loses Pants Play Video

Priest Loses Pants

115 months ago 258,196 1

Your wedding is the most important and romantic moment of your life. You sp...

Chris Angel Behind The Scenes Play Video

Chris Angel Behind The Scenes

115 months ago 601,440 424,528

Behind the scenes of how Chris Angel's magic really works. I always knew th...

Internet Love Play Video

Internet Love

115 months ago 1,463,160 2

This is pretty funny clip of some guy hitting on a girl in a internet chat ...

Leave Me Alone! Play Video

Leave Me Alone!

115 months ago 435,821 10

All this monkey wants is a few minutes of privacy but his friends just wont...

X Games Wipe Outs Play Video

X Games Wipe Outs

115 months ago 428,622 8,706,216

In honor of the X games which kicked off this weekend, here's an awesome co...

Travis Pastrana Double Backflip Play Video

Travis Pastrana Double Backflip

115 months ago 866,092 4,817,667

Travis Pastrana lands an amazing double backflip at the x games this weeken...


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