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Cayenne Pepper Prank Play Video

Cayenne Pepper Prank

89 months ago 586,537

The girl who broke her boyfriend's Xbox a few months ago gets pranked big t...

Insane Merry Go Round Play Video

Insane Merry Go Round

89 months ago 351,974

These guys spin a merry-go-round at an very fast speed but fall short of th...

David Haye KTFO By A Tiler Play Video

David Haye KTFO By A Tiler

89 months ago 156,345

World Heavyweight champion David Haye was knocked absolutely stupid by a ti...

Party Sobriety Test Fail Play Video

Party Sobriety Test Fail

89 months ago 292,765

You, too, can help prevent party fouls by performing this simple test on yo...

Biplane Crashes On Takeoff Play Video

Biplane Crashes On Takeoff

89 months ago 164,299

Dude, you've gotta make it to the second lesson before you make the video t...

Break Gallery CCCXLVII Play Video

Break Gallery CCCXLVII

Break Gallery 347! Spider-Man gets arrested, a cat throws a bubble hadouken...

Home-Made Belt-Fed Shotgun Play Video

Home-Made Belt-Fed Shotgun

89 months ago 476,896

This shotgun should be on every redneck's Christmas list this year.


Diet Coke And Mentos Play Video

Diet Coke And Mentos

89 months ago 84,865

Two guys in lab coats, surrounded by tons of Diet Coke and Mentos orchestra...

Keyboard Cat Play Video

Keyboard Cat

89 months ago 144,405

Keyboard Cat: Keyboard Cat actually predates the World Wide Web. This video...

Howard Dean Scream Play Video

Howard Dean Scream

89 months ago 21,323

It took Howard Dean a whole year of campaigning before people began to take...

One Bank (BOA One Bank Song) Play Video

One Bank (BOA One Bank Song)

89 months ago 8,979

So proud of itself for successfully merging with MBNA, Bank of America take...

OK Go Treadmill Play Video

OK Go Treadmill

89 months ago 96,423

OK Go Treadmill video: This is the music video that supercharged OK Go's ca...


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