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No Talent Clown Play Video

No Talent Clown

109 months ago 362,393 833,230

Michael Bolton proves time and time again that he truly is a no talent clow...

Kite Surfing Stunt Goes Bad Play Video

Kite Surfing Stunt Goes Bad

109 months ago 1,094,893 23

A dude is kite surfing in the ocean when suddenly he gets a little too much...

Switch Play Video


109 months ago 894,267 1

I thought this was a pretty funny parody on all those friggin telemarketing...

Plane Lands On Moving Vehicle Play Video

Plane Lands On Moving Vehicle

109 months ago 591,305 54

This is pretty awesome, a plane lands on the roof of a moving vehicle. That...

600 Dollars Worth Of Revenge Play Video

600 Dollars Worth Of Revenge

109 months ago 933,976 484,647

Herbies girlfriend cheated on him... with his roomate Steve. So, he decided...

Wheel Of Fortune Moron Play Video

Wheel Of Fortune Moron

109 months ago 1,130,032 12

Some girl on Wheel of Fortune messes up a really easy puzzle. Id like to bu...

Guy Lets Train Run Over Him Play Video

Guy Lets Train Run Over Him

109 months ago 1,106,857 6

Talk about a death wish. This guy lays down on some tracks and films a tra...

A Real Ninja Turtle Play Video

A Real Ninja Turtle

109 months ago 1,488,460 101

This little fella really does not like cats on his lawn. He may be a lot s...

Low Budget Tattoo Removal Play Video

Low Budget Tattoo Removal

110 months ago 965,023 18

A low budget way to remove a tattoo using just a Black and Decker detail sa...

Cool Connecticut Twister Play Video

Cool Connecticut Twister

110 months ago 566,526 112,559

In Texas they call these twisters Dust Devils, either way I would be freake...


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