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Gymnastics High Bar Accident Play Video

Gymnastics High Bar Accident

107 months ago 294,209 3,236,065

Some gymnast has a rough high bar routine, does anyone know what was suppos...

Mario Level Can Autoplay Play Video

Mario Level Can Autoplay

107 months ago 603,904 1

This guy figured out that one of the most difficult levels in Mario Brother...

How To Direct Traffic In Iraq Play Video

How To Direct Traffic In Iraq

107 months ago 624,125 2,360,136

This soldier demonstrates a simple yet effective way to direct traffic in I...

Cool Optical Illusions Play Video

Cool Optical Illusions

107 months ago 2,024,002 12

Pretty cool video of a some very interesting optical illusions. I promise t...

Yet Another Trampoline Accident Play Video

Yet Another Trampoline Accident

107 months ago 447,138 2,550,356

Some French guy takes a bad bounce off a trampoline and is knocked out cold...

Sister Slammed Into Wall Play Video

Sister Slammed Into Wall

107 months ago 340,342 166,314

This girl is pushing around a big inflatable ball when out of nowhere her b...

Im A Big Fan Of The Soap Knob Play Video

Im A Big Fan Of The Soap Knob

107 months ago 569,045 2

Jessica Chobot went to a branch of Blizzard Entertainment located in South ...

Tanker Truck Vs Flat Bed Play Video

Tanker Truck Vs Flat Bed

107 months ago 556,797 1

These guys take a large semi flat bed and run it full speed and head on at ...

How To Lose A Testicle Play Video

How To Lose A Testicle

107 months ago 439,250 1

They keep telling me to keep an eye out for good how-to videos. I figured ...

Biker Crashes Into Tree Play Video

Biker Crashes Into Tree

107 months ago 296,582 521,216

A biker crashes directly into a tree and needs to be helicoptered to a hosp...

The Last Britney Spears Fan Play Video

The Last Britney Spears Fan

107 months ago 776,788 1,559,059

I thought their were non left but we have indeed found what is probably the...

Impatient Kitty Wants Food Play Video

Impatient Kitty Wants Food

107 months ago 636,013 5

At lunch a hungry kitty is really impatient and perhaps part goat.


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