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Freaked Out Cameraman Play Video

Freaked Out Cameraman

94 months ago 139,064

This cameraman acts like he just got dipped in toxic acid after his buddy p...

No Cellphones During Concert Play Video

No Cellphones During Concert

94 months ago 285,994

These musicians let one of audience members know that they prefer no talkin...

The Uro Club Play Video

The Uro Club

94 months ago 368,011

When you have to pee on the golf course, don't turn your pants into a water...

Trucks Vs Bridge Play Video

Trucks Vs Bridge

94 months ago 569,425

Just about every truck that attempts to go under this bridge learns the har...

Most Awesome: Dumb Europeans Play Video

Most Awesome: Dumb Europeans

94 months ago 103,428

Americans may be fat, as we showed you last week, but we didn't want our Eu...

Break Gallery CCLXXIV Play Video

Break Gallery CCLXXIV

Break Gallery 274 is guaranteed to keep you busy over the weekend. There ar...

Painful Car Jumping Failure Play Video

Painful Car Jumping Failure

94 months ago 1,051,403

A dumb kid decides to hop over his dad's trunk and doesn't quite make it. H...


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