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Knockout By Exercise Machine Play Video

Knockout By Exercise Machine

94 months ago 575,735

This dude loses his grip on a lat machine bar and it slams up into his chin...

Incredible Balance Play Video

Incredible Balance

94 months ago 277,819

I would think it would be a lot easier to just ride one handed but regardle...

Alien Bomber Play Video

Alien Bomber

Bomb the city as you get closer and closer to the buildings. Just think of ...

Tweet Boxx Episode 6 Play Video

Tweet Boxx Episode 6

This edition of Tweet Boxx, and Courtney Love's nonsensical ramblings, are ...

Laser Pointer Dog Attack Play Video

Laser Pointer Dog Attack

94 months ago 424,531

Who needs laser-guided missiles when you have laser-guided Dobermans to coo...

Nice Recovery Play Video

Nice Recovery

94 months ago 241,055

This stunt didn't go as planned but you got to give the guy some credit for...

How to Make Extreme Rice Play Video

How to Make Extreme Rice

94 months ago 140,920

If Uncle Ben had been the front man for a Swedish Death Metal band, this is...

Break Gallery CCCXIII Play Video

Break Gallery CCCXIII

Break Gallery 313 will give you so many laughs over the weekend your stomac...

Get Wet - Remix Play Video

Get Wet - Remix

A hilarious montage of splash pranks, flying tubes, pool slips, and more we...

Blindfolded Nut Shot Play Video

Blindfolded Nut Shot

94 months ago 352,731

Poor kid thinks he is playing a game but ends up with a painful nut shot.


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