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Dude Tosses Bike At Thief Play Video

Dude Tosses Bike At Thief

88 months ago 205,057

This guy knocks two thieves off a motorcycle as they attempt to get a way b...

Crab Machine In Japan Play Video

Crab Machine In Japan

88 months ago 68,146

This is the easiest way to get crabs without having to pay by the hour.

Kitten Hates Mittens Play Video

Kitten Hates Mittens

88 months ago 412,712

Kittens have a storied history of misadventures with mittens, and this is j...

A Lucky Cop On Christmas Play Video

A Lucky Cop On Christmas

88 months ago 316,915

This lucky cop jumps out of the way of a out of control vehicle and escapes...


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