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Failed Roof Top Jump Play Video

Failed Roof Top Jump

117 months ago 180,462 225,872

It's a fact that the human eye is a horrible judge of distance and speed. F...

Allen Ray Gets Eye Poked Out Play Video

Allen Ray Gets Eye Poked Out

117 months ago 154,985 255,506

This is a slightly graphic video of the second half of the Villanova/Pittsb...

Wheelchair Stunts Go Bad Play Video

Wheelchair Stunts Go Bad

117 months ago 165,804 4

If wheel chair break dancing becomes a sport, this guy wont be going to the...

Painful Wrestling Slam Play Video

Painful Wrestling Slam

117 months ago 51,003 7

Two guys are doing some amateur wrestling. I know that its all fake but tha...

Dizzy Run Wall Bump Play Video

Dizzy Run Wall Bump

117 months ago 37,216 7

A group of college students set out to prove their thesis that dizzy girls ...

Blindfold Catch Play Video

Blindfold Catch

117 months ago 24,631 5

A guy convinces his friend to cover his face with a sweatshirt hood to see ...

Running Knock Out Play Video

Running Knock Out

118 months ago 107,365 71,620

As part of a college physics experiment these guys set out to test whether ...

Skater's Day is Ruined Play Video

Skater's Day is Ruined

118 months ago 71,780 2

The worst part of this skating nut crunch is that there was definitely a mo...

Fire Extinguisher Prank Play Video

Fire Extinguisher Prank

118 months ago 45,158 170,737

After a long night of drinking this guy gets woken up by a fire extinguishe...

Irish Arm Wrestling Play Video

Irish Arm Wrestling

118 months ago 118,575 234,115

I dont know why this is called Irish Arm Wrestling, perhaps because it work...

Dry Ice Explosion Play Video

Dry Ice Explosion

118 months ago 165,461 213,285

This guy fills a bottle with dry ice and waits for the explosion. When it ...

March Madness 2006 Play Video

March Madness 2006

118 months ago 76,493 271,704

Well, March Madness is officially underway and I am already just about knoc...

Drunk Driving Crash Play Video

Drunk Driving Crash

118 months ago 102,037 903,239

While a guy is filming a documentary on Drunk Driving a car swerves out of ...

Dell QVC Prank Play Video

Dell QVC Prank

118 months ago 295,256 9

Randy from Dover Delaware really loves his new Dell. He gives such a glowin...

Guy Tumbles onto Trash Cans Play Video

Guy Tumbles onto Trash Cans

118 months ago 28,030 1

I've watched this video a bunch of times and I cant figure out what his goa...

Rifle Range Back Fire Play Video

Rifle Range Back Fire

118 months ago 246,548 3

This guy tries to shoot out a tire with a rifle at a pretty good distance. ...

How Not To Get Out of a DUI Play Video

How Not To Get Out of a DUI

118 months ago 207,677 858,053

The chick in this clip is at the police headquarters and is refusing to tak...


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