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Two Trains Collide Head On Play Video

Two Trains Collide Head On

99 months ago 488,252 1

Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt in this accident but due to a schedu...

How To Slow A Biker Down Play Video

How To Slow A Biker Down

99 months ago 404,949 274

At a critical mass ride an NYPD officer finds a very innovative way of gett...

Lion Video Play Video

Lion Video

99 months ago 490,751 1

While on safari, these tourists observe some very strange behavior in a gro...

My Best Friend's Girl Play Video

My Best Friend's Girl

Recently released trailer for My Best Friend's Girl an outrageous, sexy, no...

Singing Husky Play Video

Singing Husky

99 months ago 206,526 10

This husky keeps tune with a song on the radio. I love how the other dog j...

World Record Speed Guitar Play Video

World Record Speed Guitar

99 months ago 704,099 14

Recently this guy set the world record for speed guitar. He's got some seri...

Kitty Vs Laser Play Video

Kitty Vs Laser

99 months ago 282,233 1

I can't tell if this kitty loves or hates the laser pen...

Frisky Dog Let Loose In Park Play Video

Frisky Dog Let Loose In Park

99 months ago 1,326,419 1

A frisky dog is let loose in the park and runs around hitting on all the ch...

Break Gallery CCXIV Play Video

Break Gallery CCXIV

Break Gallery #214! Here comes another batch of the most mind blowing digi ...

Huge Minor League Brawl Play Video

Huge Minor League Brawl

99 months ago 342,582 174

A huge brawl breaks out between the minor leage Peoria Chiefs and Dayton Dr...


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