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Russian Police Arrest Fail Play Video

Russian Police Arrest Fail 47 months ago

Look, they had a choice to make. New police van or handcuffs and locks. I s...

Insanely Cool iPhone App Play Video

Insanely Cool iPhone App 47 months ago

This really is nothing more than an advertisement for an iPhone application...

Dirt Bike Fail Ticket Play Video

Dirt Bike Fail Ticket 47 months ago

So apparently it's against the law to ride your dirt bike on the highway bu...

Milk Vs Man On Roller Coaster Play Video

Milk Vs Man On Roller Coaster 47 months ago

There are two constants in Japanese television. #1 Sony. #2 Deep and powerf...

Driver Backs Over Cop Car Play Video

Driver Backs Over Cop Car 47 months ago

I really hope this guy's seatbelt was on when he back over the cop car, or ...

Soccer Ref Loses Toupee Play Video

Soccer Ref Loses Toupee 47 months ago

This is one of the last guys in Soccer playing with an artificial surface.