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Quality Time With The Kids Play Video

Quality Time With The Kids

98 months ago 469,087 3

This Dad teaches his eleven year old daughter how to dismantle an AR-15 mac...

The Pashtoon Midget Dance Play Video

The Pashtoon Midget Dance

98 months ago 311,726 8

Little Indian man thinks he can dance. And he can. This guy definitely has ...

Truck Smashes Into Other Cars Play Video

Truck Smashes Into Other Cars

98 months ago 529,264 4

This video is a pretty good argument for why methed up truckers shouldn't b...

Ninth Hole Ninth Beer Play Video

Ninth Hole Ninth Beer

98 months ago 511,308 1,059

When your on this pace around the 4th hole the golf cart is far more entert...

Crane Load Falls on Old Lady Play Video

Crane Load Falls on Old Lady

98 months ago 337,429 1

Amazingly, this tough old lady was fine afterward. I hope being smashed by ...

Close Call With Train Play Video

Close Call With Train

98 months ago 412,482 1

A train comes around a corner and surprises a couple kids and as one tries ...

Break Gallery CCXX Play Video

Break Gallery CCXX

Break Gallery #220!!! Happy Saturday to all, and to celebrate we are bringi...

Dumb Stunt Nut Ownage Play Video

Dumb Stunt Nut Ownage

98 months ago 299,178 909

This looks about as painful as it is stupid. Goodbye ability to have kids.


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