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Special Ops Extraction Play Video

Special Ops Extraction

107 months ago 591,547 1

This is by far the coolest way to get onto a helicopter. I only wish the vi...

Guy Shoots His Own Hand Play Video

Guy Shoots His Own Hand

107 months ago 549,692 2,202,368

Pretty sure this is done with some CGI or something but damn it really look...

Security Guard Smack Down Play Video

Security Guard Smack Down

107 months ago 594,777 724,468

I never found out exactly what this dude did to piss of the security guard ...

Safari Guide Owned By Cheetah Play Video

Safari Guide Owned By Cheetah

107 months ago 412,019 4

A cheetah jumps onto this guys jeep and after walking around for a couple s...

Rosie Leaves The View Play Video

Rosie Leaves The View

108 months ago 189,485 19,154

Let me be the first to say this. I think this video is a fake. There is n...

Kid Drives Off Cliff Play Video

Kid Drives Off Cliff

108 months ago 388,023 370,232

Some kid drives his car straight towards the edge of a small cliff and bail...

Cool Optical Illusion Play Video

Cool Optical Illusion

108 months ago 741,394 5

Promise this isnt a scare video, there isnt even any audio. Just stare at t...

Cruise Ship Car Horn Play Video

Cruise Ship Car Horn

108 months ago 498,724 5

This guy was sick of getting stuck behind grandma going 40 in the fast lane...

Rejected Wii Games Play Video

Rejected Wii Games

108 months ago 440,009 2,374,069

A bunch of hilarious Wii games that were most likely rejected by the people...


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