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Chick Gets Blown Up Play Video

Chick Gets Blown Up 60 months ago

I thought this would be some kind of trick but nope they simply put this ch...

Ocean's Number One Bad Guy Play Video

Ocean's Number One Bad Guy 60 months ago

I am still not sure I can buy the whole explosion being as hot as the sun t...

Lizard Vs Baby Chicken Play Video

Lizard Vs Baby Chicken 60 months ago

A lizard thinks he has found lunch when he finds a baby chicken all alone.

Cops Plant Drugs On Suspect Play Video

Cops Plant Drugs On Suspect 60 months ago

A Cookeville, Tennessee police officer is caught on camera planting drugs o...

Awesome Trampoline Dunks Play Video

Awesome Trampoline Dunks 60 months ago

This guy pulls off some amazing trampoline dunks that are so good they even...

Break Gallery CCCXV Play Video

Break Gallery CCCXV 60 months ago

Break Gallery 315 offers only the webs best and hilarious photos. Its exact...