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Cop Finds Stolen Lawnmower Play Video

Cop Finds Stolen Lawnmower

116 months ago 128,763 14

This has to be one of the dumbest/unluckiest criminals in history. He gets ...

Roundhouse Knockout Play Video

Roundhouse Knockout

116 months ago 928,098 1,905,829

Well, I thought this dude was doing pretty good in the fight until he gets ...

The Largest Badonkadonk Play Video

The Largest Badonkadonk

116 months ago 449,661 1,744,016

I heard the term Badonkadonk for the first time while watching the Chappell...

Bill Gates Rain Man Play Video

Bill Gates Rain Man

116 months ago 165,188 595,547

This video is from the 1998 Microsoft Anti Trust depositions. It shows a ca...

Man Show Bikini Shoplifting Play Video

Man Show Bikini Shoplifting

116 months ago 253,045 2

This was my favorite moment in Man Show history and Im so glad someone sent...

Soccer Ball Header Play Video

Soccer Ball Header

116 months ago 170,969 136,913

In honor of the World Cup, which everyone knows the USA is gonna sweep, her...

Bad Motorcycle Crash Play Video

Bad Motorcycle Crash

116 months ago 665,562 1

A kid tries to pull a high speed wheelie on the street but loses control of...

BBC Interviews Cab Driver Play Video

BBC Interviews Cab Driver

116 months ago 100,465 1

This is the funniest story Ive heard in a long time, I cant believe this ac...

Extreme Mountain Bike Crash Play Video

Extreme Mountain Bike Crash

116 months ago 433,158 2,296,554

This is an extreme mountain bike competition where bikers reach speeds over...

The Human Can Opener Play Video

The Human Can Opener

116 months ago 108,013 4

While this may seem like a cool party trick when youre young and in college...

Perverted Justice Scumbag Dad Play Video

Perverted Justice Scumbag Dad

116 months ago 189,965 158,101

Out of all the episodes of Dateline NBCs perverted justice this sicko is th...

Happy Mothers Day Play Video

Happy Mothers Day

116 months ago 69,947 417,826

This is a video of a baby squirrel getting lost in downtown New York City. ...

Ball Vs Kid Physics Lesson Play Video

Ball Vs Kid Physics Lesson

116 months ago 369,336 868,760

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thats the basic r...

Huge Explosion In Iraq Play Video

Huge Explosion In Iraq

116 months ago 320,457 2

This is a bigger bomb than Mission Impossible Three...well maybe not that b...


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