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Kid Jumps Ramp With Car Play Video

Kid Jumps Ramp With Car

107 months ago 425,445 1,577,054

This dude is lucky he slowed down just before hitting the ramp because I wo...

The Fish Hunters Play Video

The Fish Hunters

107 months ago 550,477 12

This looks like a lot of fun. I am not sure where these guys are fishing b...

Sink Explosion Prank Play Video

Sink Explosion Prank

107 months ago 238,868 477,253

This guys brother always comes home from work in a terrible mood, so what d...

Dramatic Hamster Play Video

Dramatic Hamster

107 months ago 41,348 104,983

This guy puts the ham in hamster when he does his turn to the camera. Drama...

Pretty Funny Break Animation - Play Video

Pretty Funny Break Animation -

107 months ago 192,264 281,766

This is a pretty funny animation that someone made about Break. It got 25,0...

Girlfriend Gets It Doggystyle Play Video

Girlfriend Gets It Doggystyle

107 months ago 1,364,050 4

This dog just wont take no for an answer, even when he gets pushed away he ...

Japanese News Accident Play Video

Japanese News Accident

107 months ago 614,311 1,304,982

On Japanese Fuji TV a girl volunteers to try out a new emergency building e...

Kids Ignite A Matchstick Bomb Play Video

Kids Ignite A Matchstick Bomb

107 months ago 891,008 1,951,996

These guys take 30,000 matchstick tops and drop them in a bucket. When the...

Skydiver Lands On Golf Cart Play Video

Skydiver Lands On Golf Cart

107 months ago 198,383 8

This guy jumps out of a plane and attempts to land at a golf course. He pi...

Cop Gets Dragged Down Highway Play Video

Cop Gets Dragged Down Highway

107 months ago 465,923 440,148

A cop gets orders to pull over this driver. The driver is instructed to ex...

Little Kid Concrete Faceplant Play Video

Little Kid Concrete Faceplant

107 months ago 384,241 1

This little kid thought he could jump off the railing and grab the swing fr...


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