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Another Human Beatbox Play Video

Another Human Beatbox

116 months ago 487,322 3

This guy is awesome. He is the best I have ever heard. The bar has been s...

Reporter Hit By Light Play Video

Reporter Hit By Light

116 months ago 207,664 1,516,644

In the middle of a newscast a reporter is taken out by an overhead light. D...

Traffic Girl Raps Awkwardly Play Video

Traffic Girl Raps Awkwardly

116 months ago 254,790 10

What is up with white people doing these awful raps lately and reporters ma...

Bumpy Truck Ride Play Video

Bumpy Truck Ride

116 months ago 128,161 26,819

About 10 guys pile into the back of a pickup truck at a racing event. Watc...

The Good Word Play Video

The Good Word

116 months ago 67,784 1,030,243

These guys are hilarious, all they want is five minutes to save your soul a...

Average Homeboy Part 2 Play Video

Average Homeboy Part 2

116 months ago 74,808 1

Average Homeboy Denny Blaze hits us with his second release Blazin Hazen. ...

Quickest Way To Catch A Fish Play Video

Quickest Way To Catch A Fish

116 months ago 178,949 1,010,373

This military division (I think that is vague enough to be correct) success...

Failed Flip Breaks Leg Play Video

Failed Flip Breaks Leg

116 months ago 328,590 1,783,707

A couple kids test their toughness by body slamming the ground. After a th...

Another David vs Goliath Play Video

Another David vs Goliath

116 months ago 641,150 2

Check out the size of this dude. The little dude is over 235 pounds. The ...

Busted By Cops Play Video

Busted By Cops

116 months ago 373,098 1

If you think the cops in your city can be tough check out this clip. This ...

I Must Be Emo Play Video

I Must Be Emo

116 months ago 412,764 5

This is a hilarious and very creative song about Emos. If you dont know wha...

News Report Slip Up Play Video

News Report Slip Up

116 months ago 290,972 181,277

A news reporter makes a pretty funny slip up while teasing a story about a ...

Snake Eats A Hippo Play Video

Snake Eats A Hippo

116 months ago 459,250 3

Well, it probably looked like a good idea at first. A large snake eats a h...

Dane Cooks First Time Play Video

Dane Cooks First Time

116 months ago 259,661 1

This is a standup routine by Dane Cook about his first time with a girl. T...

Cop Finds Stolen Lawnmower Play Video

Cop Finds Stolen Lawnmower

116 months ago 128,763 14

This has to be one of the dumbest/unluckiest criminals in history. He gets ...

Roundhouse Knockout Play Video

Roundhouse Knockout

116 months ago 928,098 1,905,829

Well, I thought this dude was doing pretty good in the fight until he gets ...


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