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The Nutcracker: Break Style Play Video

The Nutcracker: Break Style

95 months ago 302,759 2

This year's New Year Resolution: not to end up as one of the guys in the ne...

Angry Kid Gets Paintballed Play Video

Angry Kid Gets Paintballed

95 months ago 898,502 4

A kid as fiery as his red hair gets shot by a goofy friend as he is mowing ...

That's What She Said Play Video

That's What She Said

95 months ago 148,985 76

We all have a buddy that is a big fan of The Office and uses this line too ...

Weatherman Busts Wrist On Ice Play Video

Weatherman Busts Wrist On Ice

95 months ago 115,170 6

While doing a live report from Lambeau field MSNBC Weatherman Mike Seidel s...

Did You Know - 2008 Edition Play Video

Did You Know - 2008 Edition

95 months ago 508,156 1

These cool statistics from 2008 taught us at least one important thing: nev...

Garbage Can Lid Prank Play Video

Garbage Can Lid Prank

95 months ago 150,120 2

This dudes roommmate is returning from class and just as he steps off the e...

Showoff Destroys New Car Play Video

Showoff Destroys New Car

95 months ago 1,854,160 14

Here's a deleted scene from 'Fast and the Furious: Bozo Drift.'

Idiot Robber Cant Escape Bank Play Video

Idiot Robber Cant Escape Bank

95 months ago 1,021,235 20

This amateur thief gets locked into the bank he held up and is finally arre...


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