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Break Gallery CXCIV Play Video

Break Gallery CXCIV

Break Gallery #194!!! Get ready peoples, because we are about to explode al...

Cute Puppy Yelps For Elmo Play Video

Cute Puppy Yelps For Elmo

100 months ago 566,012 35

This really cute young puppy sounds like a baby human when he yelps. And fo...

Panic At The Disco Play Video

Panic At The Disco

Panic at the Disco just released their new album, Pretty Odd, in late March...

Dizzy Kid Faceplants Hard Play Video

Dizzy Kid Faceplants Hard

100 months ago 193,661 2

After drinking a bunch of beers this guys spins on a bat ten times then tri...

Best Buy Dance Off Play Video

Best Buy Dance Off

100 months ago 920,789 1

A bunch of girls test out a car stereo at Best Buy and the goofy salesman j...

Dog Stunt Play Video

Dog Stunt

100 months ago 235,674 491

These guys build a campfire and this jumping dog can't keep from jumping ov...

Kid Falls Off Zip Line Play Video

Kid Falls Off Zip Line

100 months ago 303,251 44

A kid takes a ride on a zip line but brushes up against some branches on a ...

Saudi Woman Vs Treadmill Play Video

Saudi Woman Vs Treadmill

100 months ago 484,772 6

Maybe getting on the treadmill in a full burqa wasn't such a good idea.


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