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Wimpy Kid Knocked Out Play Video

Wimpy Kid Knocked Out

92 months ago 355,994

It's the quickest jump in weight class ever: he goes from featherweight to ...

Black Sabbath's Biggest Fan Play Video

Black Sabbath's Biggest Fan

92 months ago 153,998

Now you finally know what it's like to be at the last stop on the Crazy Tra...

Stupid Human Trick Play Video

Stupid Human Trick

92 months ago 358,119

This guy is light years ahead of David Copperfield, and he's our first Tale...

Tree Removal Company Fails Play Video

Tree Removal Company Fails

92 months ago 375,506

This homeowner was worried that the tree in his front yard might one day fa...

Beam Me Up Hotties Play Video

Beam Me Up Hotties

92 months ago 1,789,142

Beam Me Up, Hotties presented by Barely Digital, is a funny video spoof for...

Cool Monster Truck Backflip Play Video

Cool Monster Truck Backflip

92 months ago 507,451

One cool jump for Jimmy Joe Bob, and one giant leap for redneck kind. If yo...

Motorcross Racer Run Over Play Video

Motorcross Racer Run Over

92 months ago 94,200

Some dude falls off his bike during a race and the guy behind him doesn't h...

The Hot Dog Trick Play Video

The Hot Dog Trick

92 months ago 1,117,121

I don’t really see the appeal of this hot dog trick video. This sexy woman...


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