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Ring Of Fire Play Video

Ring Of Fire

102 months ago 1,260,028 39

These guys make a big ring out of mousse and light it on fire. I figured i...

99 Words For Boobs Play Video

99 Words For Boobs

102 months ago 1,412,254 9

This just seemed like the perfect video to start off a weekend. Some great...

Worlds First iBand Play Video

Worlds First iBand

102 months ago 412,283 1

These guys bring together 2 iPhones and a Nintendo DS and form the worlds f...

Kids Songs Sung By Rock Stars Play Video

Kids Songs Sung By Rock Stars

102 months ago 540,766 171

If you get sick of listening to crappy songs for kids then you'll love Kidz...

Awkward Surprise Visit Play Video

Awkward Surprise Visit

102 months ago 312,866 1,002

A surprise visit from the parents goes from nice to awkward very quickly.

Crazy Chick Sews Her Tongue Play Video

Crazy Chick Sews Her Tongue

102 months ago 202,482 1

This video is very hard to watch. A chick takes a needle and thread and se...

Roommate Gunshots Prank Play Video

Roommate Gunshots Prank

102 months ago 471,557 4

If you loved pop corn, you would not want to live with this kid. One of the...

Japanese We Are The World Play Video

Japanese We Are The World

102 months ago 182,524 9

In the never ending quest to out weird the rest of the planet, a group of J...

How Not To Remove a Tree Play Video

How Not To Remove a Tree

102 months ago 485,078 2,990

These guys are trying to remove a really big palm tree by tugging it from t...

Nastiest Shower Drain Play Video

Nastiest Shower Drain

102 months ago 294,433 73

These guys get a clog in their bathroom shower and its amazing how much stu...

Old Furniture Ad Goes Bad Play Video

Old Furniture Ad Goes Bad

102 months ago 172,226 115

This one is an older video but its been getting sent around quite a bit lat...

Break Gallery CLXXVIII Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXVIII

Break Gallery #178!!! A weird and wild week in pictures. Now get out there ...

The Teabag Incident Play Video

The Teabag Incident

102 months ago 317,020 352

McLovin, also known as Christopher Mintz-Plasse, stars in The Teabag Incide...


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