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Skateboard Nut Split Play Video

Skateboard Nut Split

106 months ago 245,988 2,573,643

This kid named Dennis attempts to ollie a four set but his board turns and ...

Little Kid Taken Down Play Video

Little Kid Taken Down

106 months ago 656,676 1,356,282

Little kid jumps from the top of the garbage can onto his buddy. The second...

Small Hole Big Belly Play Video

Small Hole Big Belly

106 months ago 509,848 1,639,629

The object of this game is to jump from the edge of the pool and through th...

Brutal Nunchuck Fight Play Video

Brutal Nunchuck Fight

Two guys with nunchucks have a brutal fight in a dirt yard. Whatever happen...

A Face Full Of Fire Play Video

A Face Full Of Fire

106 months ago 291,242 903,423

These guys fill a large can with gasoline and then one of them reaches down...

Trust Me Im A Professional Play Video

Trust Me Im A Professional

106 months ago 1,026,388 5

This self help dude pulls a member of the audience up to assist with his pr...

Kid Falls Off Rail Onto Nuts Play Video

Kid Falls Off Rail Onto Nuts

106 months ago 255,028 992,121

I am pretty sure if you ever get hit so hard in the nuts that it makes a pi...

Nasty Moto GP Crash Play Video

Nasty Moto GP Crash

106 months ago 473,776 6

This past Sunday Moto GP racer Simoncelli Sekiguchi has a pretty nasty cras...

Mascot Dance Off Play Video

Mascot Dance Off

106 months ago 372,930 425,887

Stomper, the Oakland A's Elephant mascot gets challenged to a dance off by ...

Boston Rob Punches Out Heckler Play Video

Boston Rob Punches Out Heckler

106 months ago 695,340 656,071

A heckler is messing with Boston Rob while he is on some set. Boston confr...

Kid Lets Buddy Run Over His Arm Play Video

Kid Lets Buddy Run Over His Arm

106 months ago 623,595 2,104,889

This guy lays down on his driveway and lets his friend run over his forearm...

Awesome Hail Storm Footage Play Video

Awesome Hail Storm Footage

106 months ago 737,995 1

This guy is walking around his house filming when a monster hail storm come...

Pole Dance Cat Fight Play Video

Pole Dance Cat Fight

106 months ago 2,754,069 1

Never before have 4 words come together so perfectly: Pole Dance Cat Fight....

Dane Cooks Play Video

Dane Cooks

106 months ago 385,360 792,225

This is a hilarous spoof of Dane Cook and Chris Rock doing a cooking show.

The Ultimate Office Prank Play Video

The Ultimate Office Prank

106 months ago 692,527 4

These guys build a wall in the middle of an office hallway and confuse thei...

This Is Sparta Remix (Remix) Play Video

This Is Sparta Remix (Remix)

106 months ago 3,821,456 2

There must of been at least one thousand 300 remixes done over the last 6 m...


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