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Biplane Buzzes Control Tower Play Video

Biplane Buzzes Control Tower

97 months ago 567,195 20

Insert Top Gun quote here as this biplane trick racer flies below the hard ...

Car Chase Ends With Skidmarks Play Video

Car Chase Ends With Skidmarks

97 months ago 341,598 13

From the looks of this frightened fugitive's underwear, he must have been g...

How To Split Drywall Play Video

How To Split Drywall

97 months ago 748,965 1

These guys demonstrate the fastest way to split a piece of drywall in two.

Musical Road in Lancaster Play Video

Musical Road in Lancaster

97 months ago 528,014 5

Talk about traveling music...this stretch of highway plays you a tune as yo...

Two Acrobats, Two Faceplants Play Video

Two Acrobats, Two Faceplants

97 months ago 190,983 41

When their support snaps, both of these gymnasts go head first into the mat...

Burning Mercury Experiment Play Video

Burning Mercury Experiment

97 months ago 446,135 1

Ever wanted to see a cool chemical reaction and make a strange silver snake...

Tough Fraternity To Rush Play Video

Tough Fraternity To Rush

97 months ago 224,601 28

In order to rush this fraternity you need to go three rounds with this craz...

Not Father of The Year Play Video

Not Father of The Year

97 months ago 621,331 15

Redneck dad plus a couple pieces of wood equals painful child memories.

Really Cool Hendrix Painting Play Video

Really Cool Hendrix Painting

97 months ago 698,137 47

This artist David Garibaldi creates a really cool painting of Jimi Hendrix ...

Can Shot Off Arab's Head Play Video

Can Shot Off Arab's Head

97 months ago 415,815 1

Who would've thought that Middle Eastern guys shoot cans off each other jus...


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