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Gamer Head Tape Prank Play Video

Gamer Head Tape Prank

100 months ago 541,184 4

This is a hilarious prank pretty much anyone can pull and the best part is ...

Big Knockout Punch Play Video

Big Knockout Punch

100 months ago 441,580 154

These guys decide to box in front of their school. It's a pretty close fig...

Massive Bike Crash Play Video

Massive Bike Crash

100 months ago 203,881 148

These riders train so hard for years on riding straight and fast that most ...

Pillow Talk Play Video

Pillow Talk

100 months ago 641,608 1

We all have some strange quirks after doing the nasty. Some people smoke ci...

NWA The Clean Version Play Video

NWA The Clean Version

100 months ago 198,702 411

What do you do when you want to listen to NWA's F@%&! The Police but there ...

Rasta Man Owns Himself Play Video

Rasta Man Owns Himself

100 months ago 287,102 92

Some rasta dude thinks he's discovered a really slick way of cutting a corn...

Best One Punch Knockout Ever Play Video

Best One Punch Knockout Ever

100 months ago 2,967,714 149

Awesome street fight footage right here. This has got to be one of my all t...

Skier Smashes Head On Van Play Video

Skier Smashes Head On Van

100 months ago 177,800 5

Well, the best part of this clip happens in the first 10 seconds. Some dud...

Break Gallery CXCVI Play Video

Break Gallery CXCVI

This week we are going to skip our normal Wednesday night gallery and repla...

Girlfriend is not Amused Play Video

Girlfriend is not Amused

100 months ago 1,097,582 5

Needless to say… Girlfriend is not amused. This guy decided that it would b...

The Terrorist Pitch Play Video

The Terrorist Pitch

100 months ago 187,781 149

Even terrorists have to pitch their ideas to someone. Just like in Hollywoo...

Classic Face Plant Prank Play Video

Classic Face Plant Prank

100 months ago 269,196 79

This guy falls victim to one of the oldest pranks in the book.

Failed Chinese Crash Test Play Video

Failed Chinese Crash Test

100 months ago 787,777 2

I'm no engineer but I would think the Chinese company that built this truck...

Dry Ice Vs Cinder Block Play Video

Dry Ice Vs Cinder Block

100 months ago 430,999 2

These guys load up a 3 liter bottle full of dry ice and stick it in a cinde...


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