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Stuck Jeep Erupts in Flames Play Video

Stuck Jeep Erupts in Flames

102 months ago 183,456 165

Stuck jeep with a broken driveshaft catches on fire while trying to get out...

Roof Jump Does Not Go Well Play Video

Roof Jump Does Not Go Well

102 months ago 310,689 1

This guy attempts to jump from a roof to what looks like the top of a shed....

Bad Towing Job Play Video

Bad Towing Job

102 months ago 355,586 6

Epic failure by the tow truck driver.

Dual Waterspouts Chase Boat Play Video

Dual Waterspouts Chase Boat

102 months ago 367,397 2

Apparently, when a tornado is over water its not called a tornado its calle...

Double Front Flip Goes Bad Play Video

Double Front Flip Goes Bad

102 months ago 352,660 114

Some dude tries a double front flip dunk off a trampoline but hits the jump...

Gmail Live Play Video

Gmail Live

102 months ago 214,000 211

This is pretty impressive. These guys use a huge canvas to create a life s...

Garage Door Vs Skater Play Video

Garage Door Vs Skater

102 months ago 264,945 171

This skater tries to catch his balance by grabbing the garage door. It does...

Brother Caught Jerkin Off Play Video

Brother Caught Jerkin Off

102 months ago 1,230,411 1

We totally caught my brother jerkin it in this video. He was sitting there...

He's Screwing Ben Affleck Play Video

He's Screwing Ben Affleck

102 months ago 382,559 1

This is a hilarious video from Jimmy Kimmel to his girlfriend Sarah Silverm...

Head On Collision Play Video

Head On Collision

102 months ago 305,007 505

A biker tries to make a pass on a country highway and ends up hitting an on...


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