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I Believe He Can Fly Play Video

I Believe He Can Fly

Mat Rebeaud completes a gigantic jump in the Superman style. Excuse him whi...

Break Gallery CCXCV Play Video

Break Gallery CCXCV

Break Gallery 295 Is Packed With Some Of Mankinds Most Hilarious Moments. I...

Cheap Shot On Umpire Play Video

Cheap Shot On Umpire

91 months ago 330,936

A pitcher and catcher get frustrated with the home plate umpires inconsiste...

The Worst Job Ever Play Video

The Worst Job Ever

91 months ago 4,979,156

Remember that this recession is a global one; be thankful you don't have to...

Skater Faceplants With Style Play Video

Skater Faceplants With Style

91 months ago 108,553

This dude rides full speed towards a rail but doesn't get enough lift on hi...

Why You Should Wear A Helmet Play Video

Why You Should Wear A Helmet

91 months ago 163,952

This dude flips his quad backwards and it falls directly on his head. Alth...


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