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Fat Diplomat Collapses Chair Play Video

Fat Diplomat Collapses Chair

96 months ago 248,568 53

This big diplomat hears his chair crack once, keeps talking, and finally fa...

Amazing Secret Lambo Garage Play Video

Amazing Secret Lambo Garage

96 months ago 1,176,138 40

What's better than having two Lamborghini's? This guy has a secret elevator...

Classic Pool Shot Prank Play Video

Classic Pool Shot Prank

96 months ago 289,150 4

One of my favorite all time pranks pulled off perfectly. Always makes me l...

Dead Squirrel Prank Play Video

Dead Squirrel Prank

96 months ago 165,829 2

Hilarious reaction from this guy after his buddies prank him with a ...

Break Gallery CCXXXVII Play Video

Break Gallery CCXXXVII

Break Gallery 237 is the BIGGEST Break gallery ever. Seriously. Tons of coo...

How To Crash With Style Play Video

How To Crash With Style

96 months ago 415,704 163

This dude crashes on takeoff and is sent flying through the air in front of...


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