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The Magic Stick Prank Play Video

The Magic Stick Prank

101 months ago 455,180 149

These guys pull off a classic dorm prank talking students into holding a bo...

Break Gallery CLXXXIII Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXXIII

Break Gallery #182!!! There sure are starting to be a lot of roman numerals...

Why You Never Hit A Girl Play Video

Why You Never Hit A Girl

101 months ago 2,880,791 40

There are a lot of other reasons why you would never hit a girl, but you ca...

Guitar Hero Nutshot Play Video

Guitar Hero Nutshot

101 months ago 314,658 2

April prank wars continue with our second recipient of the $200 prank video...

Wakeboarder Slams Into Bouy Play Video

Wakeboarder Slams Into Bouy

101 months ago 249,268 33

A wakeboarder lets go of the ropes and slams hard into a hidden bouy.

Airhorn Prank Causes Wipeout Play Video

Airhorn Prank Causes Wipeout

101 months ago 356,596 1

This dude blows off an airhorn just as his buddy is trying to jump over a c...

Truck Stuck Play Video

Truck Stuck

101 months ago 402,669 412

Some Saturday afternoon off-roading in a Dodge truck goes bad.


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